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Ron Portal was not responding to my letter

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Posted: Thursday, August 26, 2010 12:00 am

On Aug. 7, Ron Portal states: "This letter is in regard to Jim Turner's letter, July 21." I disagree. It is not "in regard to," about, or responsive to mine. He proves it by lamenting that I have not learned, "There are bad apples in everything that humans are involved in," when, in fact, my letter dealt with that very matter — the presence of a particular human evil in our country. He ignored my subject.

Unless omniscient, he cannot know what I know or don't know or have or haven't learned. Thrice he denounces "big government," and lectures me on its inability to make imperfection perfect. He cannot know "most people," yet tells me how "good, hard-working and compassionate" most people are. My letter mentioned none of those subjects. It did not mention a proud tradition (which he awkwardly misstates) of the Marine Corps; nor the Constitution which he says "we must return to" but which, when I last checked, had not been left behind; nor an unidentified "it" which "is something we, as Americans" should practice; nor "caring for those who are unable." (Unable to do what? He doesn't say.)

Finally, his "big government" becomes "unrestrained and unfettered" and possesses an "altar" for worshipers. My letter said nothing about such things. So, how does his "regard" mine? Mine did not, as his does, resort to that nameless we which doubtless includes him, me, you and everybody else sharing his opinions and destiny.

I don't mind disagreement; I do mind when someone, who reads without understanding and writes unclear and incoherently, analyzes my character and criticizes my writing as rambling and disjointed. He's Pot, I'm kettle. I refer him to Matthew 7:3.

Jim Turner


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