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How did the nation decline so quickly?

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Posted: Sunday, June 14, 2009 10:00 pm

How did a nation go from the Greatest Generation to arguably the worst generation in two generations?

The Greatest Generation sacrificed everything for its country through wars for freedom by scrimping, saving and doing without to serve their children's needs, always knowing personal responsibility. A lot of this generation expects the government to supply and provide for them.

This isn't the country I served and vowed to protect. When I entered the service, I could walk in any part of town and never locked a door to my house. Hollywood made pictures accentuating the positive side of America, not glorifying the worst. Those who chose to could pray wherever they were. Americans held up their end, pulled their weight, did their part, paid their share and worked to better their children's lives. We as Americans helped and aided the world knowing we most likely would never be paid back. We did this because it was the right thing to do.

The leaders of this generation don't care what costs are passed on to their children as long as it doesn't interfere with pandering for votes or their lifestyles. They feel they are owed. Could it be that we fostered this through class warfare? Everyone used to pay taxes; only about half do now.

Was it by telling people that they should not pull their weight, do their part or pay their share because someone else has more money? This nation was built on free enterprise, entrepreneurship and the promise of having the opportunity to succeed, not a guarantee of success.

Has the decline come about through schools that teach a revised history, a press that doesn't report but advocates a political belief or political correctness which means pretending there is no difference between men and women, strong and weak, smart and dumb, or straight and gay?

Is it that we have rid ourselves of manners and laud filthy speech? Has greed become accepted at the cost of truth and honor? How did it become acceptable to have children out of marriage or have two mothers or fathers instead of role models?

Maybe I have the answer. This generation that now controls government, press, education, business and finance are the free love, flower children, dope-smoking hippies of the '60s and '70s, when it was fashionable to be anti-American.

Larry Young


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