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Letter: President is not being truthful to Americans

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Posted: Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:00 am

President Obama warns the nation that if he doesn’t get his way with debt ceiling increases, then Social Security checks will be in danger of not being paid on time. This is an outright lie!

By federal statute these checks must be paid, and on time. This program has at the present enough money in it to last up to 2038. Obama is lying to you again.

This miserable excuse for a president also tells us that if nothing is done about the debt ceiling by Oct. 17, our nation will, for the first time in our history, default. Another outright lie!

This president apparently has so much disdain for the Constitution — and us — that he doesn’t or has never read it. The nation’s interest on our debts must be paid for first. We have more revenue (taxes) coming into government coffers than at any time in its history, and according to the GAO we have enough to fund 75 percent of the government with what we have on hand.

This so-called government shutdown has affected about 20 percent of government workers whom the government itself calls non-essential. The government tells us about 40 percent are designated as non-essential. In the private sector the definition of a “non-essential employee” is called “unemployed.”

The GAO also has found $125 billion in fraud and waste in government. By cutting non-essential employees from the government and stopping government fraud and waste, we could easily survive not raising our debt limit and have a leaner, more responsive government.

Warren Buffett, whom Obama loves to quote, has said that the nation could go on for a year without a debt limit increase without any major problems. This president is a pathological liar who makes Bill Clinton look like an altar boy.

Ron Portal


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