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Letter: Citizens should have more power over government

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Posted: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 12:32 am

I guess I must have missed the count on opposition letters to the Lodi City Clerk. Was it 20 percent or fewer of the citizens of Lodi who were opposed to this raise by our city council? If it were more than 20 percent, I would be surprised, as the cards are stacked against the citizens of Lodi. Now if you reversed the letters to the city clerk to those in favor of an increase, you would never get that increase.

This needs to be changed by our city council to a more citizen-controlled outcome. If the need is there, let the people of Lodi decide the increases since they are the ones footing the bill for many years in the future.

And on another note, the botched execution. Was the treatment he received kinder than how Clayton Lockett treated his victim, Dr. Weisbuch? Or do you only think about the welfare of the criminal? There are a few who believe the perpetrator should be given mercy over their victims.

Yes, Mr. Lockett shot the female victim with a shotgun. Yes, she was still alive. And yes, he buried her when she was still alive — in his eyes it was a probable accident.

I am disgusted by some people’s attitudes toward the victim: Yes, she is dead and nothing is going to bring her back, so let’s forget about her.

Nobody wants to witness an execution, but with a remark like “How dare they experiment on a living human being?” from Dr. Weisbuch, I am sure it was easier for Clayton Lockett to die than it was for that young girl.

This seems to be a death row sideshow, and the federal courts have made it so by not recognizing the vote of the people infringing on the citizens’ rights.

Ben Coleman


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