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Letter: Advice on student dress, immigrants and LOEL Bingo

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Posted: Monday, June 23, 2014 11:13 pm

Now that school is out for the summer, the school administrators should look at the dress code for students. There should be no more short shorts for girls, and they should be required to wear skirts and blouses. The boys need to cover their behinds, wear decent clothes and clean up their act!

What’s new about illegal immigrants? The papers and TV are full of it. What do our politicians do about it? Nothing.

Here are a few ideas on how to control the illegal immigration problem. You might agree or think I’m full of it, but everyone has an opinion.

  • Immigrants must register within 30 days.
  • Document all of them and have them carry a card like a driver’s license at all times.
  • If they own a gun, it must be licensed. They must have a driver’s license and be insured.
  • They cannot draw welfare for one year, and they must speak English.
  • They must be registered for one year before their immigrant child can become a citizen.
  • After five years, give them citizenship if they commit no felonies.
  • If they are a member of a gang, deport them!
  • Anyone who hires an illegal immigrant without their papers, fine them $1,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for the second offense.
  • There should be no special classes for illegal immigrants in school.
  • Records should be kept on them.
  • Close the borders and put troops on border patrol.

The U.S. needs to get tough on illegal immigration. No looking the other way — a crime is a crime!

The votes are in, and I hope you thought of who you put in office for the next vote. We need people that will do the job, not favors! We need a few laws changed!

On a brighter note, the LOEL Center needs more Tuesday Bingo players. It’s a good way for seniors to spend an afternoon out of the sun, and an inexpensive way to meet your neighbors and make new friends. You might even win! They have lunch Monday through Friday. The cost is low and the menu varies day to day. Just call them the day before to sign up for lunch.

Ira Senecal


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