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Letter: I didn’t say Sheriff Steve Moore mishandled budget

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Posted: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 12:00 am

Supervisor Ken Vogel, in letters to the editors of the Stockton Record and Lodi News-Sentinel, stated that I accused Sheriff Steve Moore of “mishandling” the funds of his budget. That is Mr. Vogel’s word. I believe it is important to me, and to the readers and citizens of San Joaquin County, that I at no time used the word or alleged “mishandling.”

I stated, based on the Sheriff’s own comments, that by virtue of having $8.5 million of his budget not spent, he did not do all he could to make the county safe and secure. To be clear, an example of my assertion can be found in the Sheriff’s own comments.

Sheriff Moore stated that any school in the county that wanted to have a school resource officer could have one assigned, provided that half of the SRO’s cost was paid by the school or school locality. A continuing point in the run-up to the election is the lack of SROs in the schools. Sheriff Moore advised use of his 50 percent reimbursement plan in the Taxpayer Association forum, and stated it was a “good deal.”

I simply assert the question as to why the unused $8.5 million was not used to place SROs in the schools. Both candidates recognize the importance of SRO presence. Why should citizens be required to pay a second time for services they already paid taxes on once? While this is but one example, I consider children the most important example.

I wish to further state, for readers who question why an out-of-county citizen would be contributing on this issue, that I am involved because candidate Pat Withrow frequently and consistently states his intent to find justice and closure for the Shermantine/Herzog victims, while I have direct experience that Sheriff Moore recovered the remains of the victims as if they were discarded trash. My involvement and statements on that matter are in the public record.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this forum.

Jeff Rinek


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