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Surprised to see cartoon choice

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Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2011 12:00 am

I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to see your Opinion Page sporting what looked like an anti-Obama cartoon. Did you know what it was going to say before you ran it? Be that as it may, I couldn't help wondering that if this does represent your opinion, where were you when we needed you?

Here we had a man of integrity, David Harmer, running for the office of representative in the 11th (that's us) District; endorsed by our own Chamber of Commerce, and you put your editorial strength (selection of stories, placement of names and photos) behind the incumbent representative, his competitor, McNerney.

McNerney had no history before taking office a few years ago. Since then, his only history has been to vote for every single one of those issues promoted by Nancy Pelosi, President Obama and all the czars in the country.

The cartoon justly ridiculed green energy that ruined Spain; larger government that destroyed the old Soviet Union; hostile business environment like what has ruined California; unprofitable infrastructure like the one that weakened Japan; huge national like the one that bankrupted Greece; and socialized medicine that choked England and several other countries like Belgium, Romania, etc.

David Harmer was against all of the above. If the cartoon dated Monday, Jan. 30 really reflects your opinion, why didn't you show your true colors when it would have counted? You may have been able to counter the effect of the million dollars plus mailings that McNerney sent to Lodi addresses twice daily just before election day that dishonestly defamed and vilified Harmer.

Even now you could report on how many planes Obama actually did reserve and pay for to bring how many people with him when he went to India. The "liberal" press complained that the count was an exaggerated plot by the conservatives of the media. (What? Who?) What was the real count? And why not print a rebuttal to the tired old arguments promoting compulsory health care insurance as espoused by Ramon Writ? (Is he a legal alien?)

Either you're too late, or I'm too early. All of California is not the Bay Area or L.A. Oh well, you brought it up. A little over half of your readers in Lodi are registered conservative. Not that it matters. Well, maybe it does.

Don Lewis


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