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Questions for Lodi Republicans

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Posted: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 12:00 am

I would like to ask the Republican readers of the Lodi News-Sentinel if they are proud to be Republicans and, if so, why? What do they think is the most profound piece of legislation their party has ever passed?

Did this legislation help the middle class, the disabled or the elderly in any way? Did it help the environment? Do the Republicans really care about the health of U.S. citizens?

If so, what legislation have they introduced to reform health care? Have they introduced any legislation to create jobs since they were elected in 2010 and ran on "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!"?

I know my questions are rhetorical, but I honestly cannot for the life of me wonder why someone would want to be a member of a party that is so hell-bent on destroying all of the social safety nets — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, decades-old environmental laws, all bank regulations. The list is endless.

We all (unless you're extremely wealthy) need some or all of the above, and we all want to breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat safe food and take safe medicines. Why are the Republicans so determined to gut everything that keeps us safe and healthy? Oh, I forgot — it's all about jobs!

Do your Republican readers think it's wise fiscal policy to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy (and extend them) and not ask for one dime of sacrifice, then fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars by borrowing billions of dollars from China? Do they think it's wise to let corporations get away with not paying billions in taxes, then ship American jobs overseas without a penalty of any kind? Why are they acting now like such deficit hawks?

The Republicans often refer to our Constitution, but I believe they really don't want a democracy but a plutocracy — maybe an oligarchy? I'm sure the Koch Brothers, big-time supporters of the Tea Party, wouldn't mind that.

Is there anyone else out there as disgusted, disheartened and depressed as I about the unraveling of our country?

Marcia Savage


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