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Letter: President Obama is out of control

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Posted: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 12:00 am

Few American Presidents are worthy of any praise; rate them only as the best of the worst or the worst of the worst. The errant one who now occupies the White House fits the latter. If the liberal establishment that supported him had any decency, they would have denounced him as a lying psychopath.

In his first election, Obama advocated change in our government’s imperial foreign policy, but once in office he followed the same war criminal footsteps of his predecessor, continuing the carnage in the Middle East. He also campaigned to end the war in Iraq, and eventually in Afghanistan. Obama instead opted to obey the military industrial complex (his paymasters), and replaced troops in Iraq with highly paid mercenaries, then escalated the war in Afghanistan, which has now spilled over into other Islamic nations.

Innocent civilians are murdered weekly by Obama-approved drone strikes. He uses the same old mantra that they’re killing “terrorist leaders” with the drone attacks. The reality is that Boston-like massacres occur in Islamic countries weekly, giving these victims legitimate reasons to hate us. Do not be surprised if or when blowback occurs.

On the subject of same-sex marriage, Obama was against it as was the majority then, as it is now. However, toward the end of his first term, he and that wife of his became flaming homophiles.

What makes this president so flawed and dangerous is not his reneging on his campaign promises or his disregard for our privacy to allow government to listen to and store our electronic conversations and searches, but the fact that he is a self-righteous liberal out of control. If Obama had carte blanche powers, the world would be in serious peril.

In the ‘70s there was another out-of-control liberal who was also self-righteous, but he had complete constraints over his people. We all know the tragic outcome and catastrophe that followed. If you forgot, his name was Rev. Jim Jones.

Adam Dados


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