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Lodi, Malibu and the environment

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Posted: Monday, May 3, 2010 12:00 am

With all the news about water meters, we might ponder this e-mail from a relative who recently moved to Malibu:

"It's been a real experience so far in the effects of environmentalist wackos on a town. Apparently, the leftward inhabitants of Malibu have decided and continue to decide that Malibu should retain its natural beauty, so all kinds of development, both residential and commercial, are heavily discouraged. To this end, most of Malibu has no city water or sewer. In the neighborhood I'm in, there aren't even any wells — we have to get water delivered by a water truck every week or two into a 10,000 gallon tank that is on our property.

"Even though Malibu has hundreds of thousands of thousands of tourists every year, everyone is on septic, which clearly isn't working well because there are millions of gallons of sewage being spewed into the ocean every year. The environmentalists won't allow for a proper fix because a new water treatment plant might damage the environment (as if all that sewage doesn't).

"Also, because commercial development is so heavily discouraged, there are few basic services offered here so we all have to drive a half hour to get anything other than groceries, gas or the bank. I have a flat tire — there is one gas station that fixes them 20 miles away. It seems to me that it would be more environmentally sound if we all didn't have to drive so far to get anything.

"I felt almost like I moved to a Third World country. Well, not that bad, but compared to northern California, this 'sophisticated society' is way behind the curve. There is virtually no cell coverage.

"No place in this antiquated town is handicapped accessible although it's a federal law. I guess Malibu is above the law, kind of like Congress, the White House and the unions exempted from the health care coverage being foisted on the rest of us slobs."

Phyllis Roche


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