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American administration is accountable to Britain

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Posted: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 12:00 am

Article 6 of the Constitution unifies the American debtors to assume responsibility for the debt of fighting the Revolutionary War.

Today, this has resulted in a substantial loss of freedom. Promissory notes involving loans are negotiable instruments. Those legal tender green things in your wallet or purse are promissory notes. If one is written to French bankers, I am not aware of any reason why it could not be owned by the King of England.

The British Web site reports that Chinese authorities obtained a World Court Writ of Execution and Lien on the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve. The Web site reports that Obama authorized the loan payment, but that the British didn't receive the payment.

For U.S. citizens, this pertains to a substantial loss of freedom. The British Web site doesn't hesitate to mention America hasn't had a legitimate government (since the Civil War); and, it doesn't show any remorse to use special adjectives and descriptive nouns to describe American corporate administrative officers, and how they relate to the current situation.

In order to correct this situation after 150 years, how many people today would know how to establish a republic? How many bad habits of thinking would need to be corrected?

The British Web site gives a brief accounting for American history relating to the predicament. They remind us of JFK's last policies, that Bush Sr. was present at the JFK assassination, and that Gerald Ford (who modified evidence in the Warren Commission report) appointed him to the CIA. I'm surprised they didn't match the 3 Tramps with the Watergate burglars and Nixon's resignation.

Apparently, the British Secret Intelligence Service is having their way with Kissinger, the Bushs, Cheney, and Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and Trustee of the U.S. bankruptcy, Timothy Geithner; and, there is a dead body count.

If anyone wants to attempt a long read of the full report, they can read the Web site. In summary, it makes clear that American administration is accountable to Great Britain.

Daniel Hutchins


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