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Gays covet what straight people have

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Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2013 12:00 am

The homosexual marriage issue and agenda is a troubling, but interesting moral and social phenomenon.

Like pride, homosexuality is a lie and is built on pride and coveting, which is the vehement desire or lust for what others have. Homosexuality is a fake and counterfeit of the real thing, and a poor one at that.

Homosexuality is the sexualized coveting of what the homosexual doesn't have, namely a real normal relationship with the opposite sex, which is evidently designed for a fulfilling and prolific life and continuation of the species.

Fornication — including adultery, pornography, pedophilia, pederasty and homosexuality — all lead to the destruction of the family unit, which is the building block and foundation of civilization.

Our children are being brainwashed to deny the plan and design of creation for the chaos of evolution, and to accept evolution and fornication as true and good. This lie is being supported and perpetuated by the bigger lie that homosexuality is of genetic cause rather than of choice.

Dr. Francis Collins, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient for his work in sequencing the human genetic code (DNA) and his work in the field of epigenetic markers, has, in fact, proven that homosexuality is not genetically "hardwired."

Dr. Collins reported that the study of identical twins and same-sex attraction showed "born gay" to be untrue. Epigenetic markers or "chemical tags" on our DNA helps explain how our bodies express their DNA and how we are susceptible to certain diseases and behaviors like cancer and homosexuality based on the presence or absence of these epigenetic markers.

The study and knowledge of these chemical tags on our DNA show these markers can be short-lived or lasting for generations, and gives new meaning to "plan and design," and also adds to our understanding of the scriptural words: "The iniquity of the fathers being visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me."

William Van Amber Fields


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