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Letter: Planned Parenthood is very destructive

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Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 12:00 am

Pregnant women who don’t want to be now can relax and rejoice, because Gov. Jerry Brown has improved women’s health care by signing into law an expansion of access to abortion services, allowing “non-doctors” to perform first trimester murder.

These non-doctors will perform what is termed “aspiration abortions” — the unwanted baby is sucked out of its mother’s womb with a vacuum device, and its remains sold as human tissue to research institutions.

Planned Parenthood greatly benefits because they won’t need a medical doctor on duty. Now physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, practicing witches, Ph.D. immigrant domestics and indigent veterinarians are considered sufficiently educated and trained to be professional baby killers.

It is written that seven things are an abomination to our Creator: “a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, hearts that devise wicked imaginations, feet that hurry to mischief, a false witness speaking lies, and those sowing discord among friends.” This certainly sounds like an apt description of Planned Parenthood to me.

Never has a weapon of mass destruction been developed to equal the destructive power of Planned Parenthood — genocide to the tune of the screams of 63 million unborn murdered with the world’s approval.

We should all be deeply ashamed of ourselves.

William Van Amber Fields


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  • Joanne Bobin posted at 11:39 am on Thu, Oct 31, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Actually it's time to pull out your own thesaurus, Mr. Kindseth.

    What does "confusing" or "incomplete" have to do with your statement?

    In case you forgot what you wrote:

    "Two groups I want to hear from:

    1. People who wish they had been aborted,

    2. The aborted who wish they had lived."

    Didn't care for "disgusting?" How about "vulgar, repugnant, distasteful, shameless and hateful," just to name a few synonyms.

    I don't even know why the LNS allowed your post which stated you would like to hear from people "who wish they had been aborted," and what exactly that has to do with this letter.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 11:32 am on Thu, Oct 31, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    "and even celebrate the killing of so many unborn human beings."

    Just who has "celebrated the killing," Mr. Kinderman?


  • Thomas Heuer posted at 6:51 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    nth degree wise Posts: 1669

    In response to Jerome
    Who doesn't want health care? Who would choose not to have health care?
    A woman should have the right to choose, but who would choose not to have health care?

  • Thomas Heuer posted at 4:45 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    nth degree wise Posts: 1669

    By choosing to call a fetus a baby doesn't add to an argument it only obfuscates through deluded emotionalism.

    There's many things we can choose and not choose. Choose to have health care? Who doesn't want health care? A man lost his health care insurance as a result of Obamacare. He was paying $50 a month thinking he was covered. It covered little and what it did cover had such high deductibles he would never use it. Those are shyster policies. Yes there are a lot of shyster business under our free market system and lots of gullible people born every minute. There's shyster lenders, insurers of all types and salesmen of every sort all trying to separate you from your dollars. So yes there are those who may lose their rip off health insurance. Insurance you get from an employer you will keep. But the shyster policies will go by the way side finally unless they clean up their act.

  • John Lucas posted at 12:43 pm on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730

    It is always interesting to listen to Jerome spout his spiritual outrage about abortion but in the same post spout his outrage against single payer. I have stated my views on abortion many times and frankly we all know where we all stand on the issue

    Health Insurance companies are mandated by law to keep their administrative costs to 20% of premiums. Medicare, which is single payer, administrative costs come in at about 5%. Do the math. This saves 15% off the top. This is not even where the most savings come into play. Regular preventative checkups and going to the doctor at the first sign of illness saved significantly more money than even the savings from administrative costs. If we were to have a universal record system like the VA does this would save much money from duplicating tests.

    France has the highest rated healthcare system in the world. They spend 11.2% of their GDP on healthcare instead of the 18% of GDP we do. If we were at 11.2% we would be spending a trillion dollars LESS PER YEAR on healthcare. They spend $4000 instead of the $8000 dollars a year per person that we do. The 35 countries rated ahead of us spend between 8% and 13% of their GDP on healthcare. No one in the world even approaches us in percentage of GDP spending or spending per individual yet we have millions who are uninsured.

    You have to ask yourself why someone like Jerome who is so pious and caring for the unborn but has no problem watching his neighbors suffer, die and go bankrupt for no reason. Not only for no reason but is wiling for us to pay more than any other country in the world for the freedom to watch his neighbors suffer, die and go bankrupt needlessly. I would like to be there to hear his answer when Jesus asks him his reason. That would be very interesting.

  • John Kindseth posted at 11:29 am on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    John Kindseth Posts: 245

    "Disgusting" ? " Disgusting" ?? I have some valid questions on this issue and the best you can gather up is "Disgusting" ?.

    Perhaps someone will drop a Thesaurus in your Christmas stocking.

    "Confusing" "Incomplete" or something appropriate but "Disgusting" ?

    I expect more.

  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 10:33 am on Wed, Oct 30, 2013.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    I have a question that begs for a logical answer. If women hold this absolute right to choose what happens with their bodies to include the killing of an unborn child growing inside of her, why have they not stood up for themselves against this so-called “Obamacare?” What happened to the right to choose here? All are now forced under penalty of fines from the IRS and coming soon even jail time if they try to choose not to purchase health insurance. I would think they’d be troubled by such a mandate. Why aren’t they? Sure, everyone should be permitted to buy whatever they want so long as it’s legal; but to be forced to buy health insurance?

    I’m incensed over this travesty that commands all Americans to purchase a product that they may not want. But at least liberal/progressive women don’t seem to have a problem with it. Or are they holding out for what Obama is actually doing – paving the way to full government-paid-for healthcare or “single payer?”

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 10:24 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    Perhaps you should inform all registered veterinary nurses who are unable to perform animal abortions under California law.

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 10:06 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    My information was obtained from the Guttmacher Institute (AGI), the research arm of Planned Parenthood.  

    Considering the fact that California has not made abortion data publicly available for many years I would be curious to know your source.

  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 7:48 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    Mr. Walters, are you seriously suggesting that there are women out there who have never heard of the pill? Really?!?

    As for whether his numbers are correct, it's generally accepted that there have been well over 50 million abortions since 1973 when Roe v. Wade became the "law of the land." Some estimate that the number could well be over 60 million. But what if it were just 1 million; or how about 500,000; or 5,000 - or how about just one? Regardless of the volume, there are those of us who believe one is too many - 55 or 63 million is a pandemic.

    Nevertheless, your example of the young girl wandering about in a trench coat who then might leave a freshly born baby at the city dump that an abortion would have been better? Better for whom, Mr. Walters - the girl or the baby?

    In this so-called "information age" are you also suggesting that a pregnant girl or woman doesn't understand that she can drop off a newborn at a fire station, police station or even a hospital with no questions asked? I find that hard to believe. But I am sure there will be others here and elsewhere who will continue to use such scenarios as a good reason for supporting abortion. Yet here's an idea: prior to actually performing an abortion at Planned Parenthood (for instance), why not at least give the girl or woman other options; why not make that a requirement prior to pulling out the vacuum? We’ll never know if the baby saved might actually be someone who finds the cure for breast cancer. Could the cure have been lost due to one of the 55 or 63 million lost to the abortionist’s trade?

    It’s serious business Mr. Walters. Yet we treat abortion much like going to McDonald’s for a Big Mac, fries and a chocolate shake.

  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 7:30 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    To be certain and very clear, I believe anyone in the health care industry who performs abortions (regardless of whether the procedures are legal) are not acting professionally. Physicians especially have sworn to "do no harm" as they practice medicine. Clearly there's plenty of harm done during an abortion.

    As for nurse practitioners and others who will be acting as abortionists in California, while they may have taken the Hippocratic Oath or the Florence Nightingale Pledge or some other oath or pledge according to their position, I feel they're in violation of such oaths. Of course these are just my opinions, and one day soon I hope the majority of Americans will again agree to dispose of this blight.

    I find it amazingly hypocritical of those who claim to be so enlightened that they so callously support and even celebrate the killing of so many unborn human beings. It's senseless.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 7:19 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Careful, Mr. Walters! You will get an argument from one of our posters here that all kinds of birth control are available to everyone and that there is NO ONE who either prevents or sabotages their partner's efforts to prevent conception. Never heard of a man who forbids his partner from using contraception or will not use any type of male contraception methods.

    Cannot even "conceive" (pun intended) of these types of situations even occurring.

    Has never heard of anyone ever being forced or encouraged by various means to abort their child by a partner, physician, parent or other trusted or influential person.

    And remember, condoms ARE available in the state of Texas.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 5:08 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    That should have read "make it any MORE illegal, "or any LESS legal."

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 5:05 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Disgusting as usual, Mr. Kindseth.

    You are in effect stating that those who commit suicide REALLY wish they had been aborted.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 5:03 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Most animal abortions are performed in the process of sterilizing a female animal.

    Also, there is no bridge profession between a licensed vet and a licensed veterinary technician as THERE IS between a physician and a nurse, so your attempt at analogy fails, Mr. Liebich.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 4:59 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    If you were paying attention, I stated that WVAF is making it sound like PP is responsible for all abortions performed in the US.

    That is not the case.

    I'm not going to rehash the whole abortion issue with you once again since you still don't get it and I do respect your opposition to it. That is your right and your religious conviction.

    Doesn't make it any less ILLEGAL.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 4:56 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    So, Mr. Kinderman - you believe that LICENSED nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and nurse-midwives are NOT PROFESSIONALS?

    Hope you never have to see one. They just might get mixed up and attempt to perform an abortion on you instead of the usual prostate exam since they are QUOTE "non-professionals."

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 4:51 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    How could that possibly be? You all claim that illegal Hispanics are having anchor babies at record rates, so who's having all those abortions?

    And judging by all the teens walking around the supermarkets in this town with grandma and baby in tow, it's not Lodians.

    The numbers I just looked up state 17-18%, well below YOUR 29%.

  • Ed Walters posted at 3:08 pm on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    the old dog Posts: 631

    Abortion is a subject that not all will agree to, or ever will, still there are many ways to prevent an abortion to begin with. Mr. Bill states that 63 million babies were aborted since 1973, is that an educated guess or a known fact. He must take into consideration that some women that for any number of reasons do not want a baby, and never heard of the pill. A young couple must take into consideration that having a baby means a 24/7 / 365 day commitment for many years. No more going out on week-ends together, and a hundred other things they did before the baby came along, get a dog. In some cases abortion does serve a pourpose, for the young girl that walks around in the middle of summer with a trench coat on and at THE TIME has her baby in a 711 gas station and no idea what to do with the new born, and has never heard of a drop off at a Fire Station. Better to have a abortion than wrap the baby that has come full term in a blanket and found on a conveyor belt in a recycling yard, or a plastic bag at the city dump.[sad]

  • John Kindseth posted at 9:56 am on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    John Kindseth Posts: 245

    Two groups I want to hear from:

    1. People who wish they had been aborted,

    2. The aborted who wish they had lived.

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 9:30 am on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    The grim truth is California makes up 12% of the nation’s population yet performs 29% of all abortions.

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 9:27 am on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    The California Business and Professions Code prohibits abortions being done on animals unless the abortionist is a trained and certified veterinary surgeon.

    A mother dog now has more dignity in the eyes of California law than a human.

  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 8:51 am on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    Only five percent of Planned Parenthood’s services are for abortions? Gee, when one puts it that way, it “sounds” rather small or insignificant. But what about the other little factoid presented in Mr. Van Amber Fields’ letter - 63 million unborn human beings legally eradicated since 1973. That would be five percent of what? As an example, it’s calculated that at this moment the population of the United States is right about 317 million. (http://tinyurl.com/bpotuf9) Five percent of just the United States today is 15,850,000. Putting it that way, five percent “sounds” not so small or insignificant anymore.

    Still proud of ourselves are we?

  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 8:38 am on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    I don’t know Mr. Van Amber Fields - this new law appears to be an all around win-win-win, don’t you think?

    Unemployment should go down exponentially with these new non- (or would that be un-?) professional positions that will allow virtually anyone to perform a first trimester abortion; the cost of these now non-professional services should be greatly reduced so that no woman will be denied an abortion due to her inability to pay; and the sale of the “waste” material gleaned from these services will certainly help the economy recover in short order.

    So “no” to your last question as we should all be profoundly proud of ourselves - don’t you think? But what might God be thinking right about now; is He proud of any of us?

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 7:20 am on Tue, Oct 29, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    I think the most shocking thing about this letter from WVAF is that he did not use the word "fornication," a frequent noun in most of his other letters.

    And what is this supposed to mean? "practicing witches, Ph.D. immigrant domestics and indigent veterinarians." The new law does allow the former three categories of healthcare providers to perform this type of abortion, but not the latter "made-up" whatevers, and only adds a juvenile quality to his opinion.

    Mr. Fields should consider the fact that only 5 percent of Planned Parenthood's services are for abortions, with 95 percent going to other women's health issues (which I'm sure he is also opposed to).

    There are hundreds of clinics in the state of California that perform abortion services that are not affiliated with Planned Parenthood, but his assumptions condemn this organization that has helped so many women.

    I wonder what his REAL agenda is - anti-abortion....or anti-WOMEN?


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