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Letter: Pastor Nolton is following his guide book, the Bible

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Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 11:33 pm

In Deborah Goni’s recent response to Pastor Frank Nolton’s letter about intolerance and bullying, it’s obvious Ms. Goni is unaware of the source of his beliefs.

As Christians we have a guide book about how to live life. It also tells history and gives insight into the future. This book is called the Bible and was inspired by God long ago. It’s the word of God.

The Bible was around long before the civil rights movement. If everyone followed its directions, we wouldn’t have needed a civil rights movement. And even though it’s been around a long time, it addresses situations we are presently experiencing. It has 66 books inside, written by 40 different people. To date it has a 100 percent accuracy rate. Only God could inspire these authors to do such work. The Bible even warns about the consequences if anyone adds or takes away from the words written.

Anyone can look for themselves and predict how the Brendan Eichs, Craig Jameses, Phil Robertsons, the Chick-fil-As and Pastor Noltons of this world will respond to the issues that face us as long as they use the Bible for guidance. You can even look in the Concordance and find Phil Robertson’s statement. He didn’t make it up. He’s just following the Bible.

The Bible does not change because of approval ratings. If you disagree or get angry about their stance, take it up with God. It’s his word and he’ll listen.

Following the Bible doesn’t make us perfect. We still have Satan to deal with. This is why God’s son Jesus was crucified for us, and rose from the dead.

And a pastor’s job is not to provide a soft, non-judgmental place for everyone to fall, but to give guidance and love so everyone can be lifted. It’s written in the Bible.

I recommend Ms. Goni and others who so passionately disagree with any of the people mentioned above to get a Bible. You’ll have our playbook and can anticipate our moves. If we don’t comply, you will know that, too.

Before you respond harshly when we don’t live up to what is expected, please look up “Grace.” We all fall short and stumble through this life. Thank God for Grace!

Barbara Boynton


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