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Writer agrees with Ken Owen

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Posted: Friday, November 21, 2008 10:00 pm

Never have I agreed with Ken Owen's blue-nose agendas; however, he needs to be commended for his support of Proposition 8 and having the courage to state the truth. "The homosexual agenda is evil." Observe their behavior since the passage of Proposition 8.

When homosexuals were granted domestic rights, that was a mistake. People with knowledge knew homosexuals wouldn't stop there. Always pushing for more, they demand to be accepted in mainstream society, using force if necessary, as documented in Biblical and secular history. When this licentious activity becomes mainstream, it destroys the very fiber of civilized society. Morals hit the gutter and nations perish. Since time began, there have been homosexuals. If these people with such impulses wish to live in blissful peace, fine let them do their thing but leave us alone and quit forcing people to accept this abnormal behavior. Keep it away from children, out of our schools and stop flaunting it. Moral people will never accept this lifestyle no matter how much they demonstrate, destroy property or push bogus court decisions that rule in their favor - normal people find it repulsive. Let's stop calling them "gay;" it is cutesy and illusionary.

Many organizations must share blame for promoting this abomination; to name a couple, the liberal lunatics and new-age Christian leaders. Liberals have to be excused as they're stupid; however, there is no excuse for religious leaders. Our stomachs must turn at these hypocrites who make this vice even more odious by supporting a cause to evolve humanity in the name of the Savior. Nowhere in the Biblical lexicon is homosexuality condoned. If hell exists, these new-age theologians need to be placed in its deepest pits. Pastors who mis-preach need to be re-briefed in the Old and New Testament. The Nazarene said, "I have not come to change the laws of Moses," and the "Big Boss" commanded man to be "fruitful and multiply." He meant Adam and Eve, not Cleave and Steve.

Adam Dados


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