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Letter: United States has ‘crony-capitalism,’ not a true capitalist economy

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Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 12:00 am

As for John Lucas’ moocher letter, “The extremely rich are the moochers,” Jan. 8, it has been reported ad nauseam of how more than half our population does not pay federal income taxes. This means the people with the higher incomes pay everything federal, and you think that’s fair? Neither is income wealth stagnant. In this country the poor can become rich and vice versa. This isn’t Europe as liberals would love us to be.

The problem with socialism is that as much as Lucas rails against the people wealthier than he, there are people who look at John’s income in the same way, saying that it’s unfair for him to have what he has earned and must share it with others. Income equality equates to equal misery. John is a combat-wounded Viet Nam vet and I have nothing but admiration and respect for him, but he is dead wrong with this belief.

As for Mr. Cooper, “Capitalism proves that wealth redistribution works,” Jan. 11, I agree with him about his redistribution theory but from another angle. We haven’t had true capitalism and a free market for a very long time. The capitalism Mr. Cooper talks about is a combination with socialism, and they are incompatible with each other. It’s called crony-capitalism. Instead of selling their wares in the marketplace and allowing the public to decide if they like it or not, they curry favor with politicians who force these businesses onto the people without regard to need or qualifications. Example: Solyndra, etc.

I stand with the fact that redistribution of wealth has never worked. Just look at America and what socialist policies have done to our economy. This is what happens when one group of people receive without working for it and the rest of us must work without receiving. We are either going to have a socialist economy contrary to our Constitution and history, or have a capitalist open market economy that provides more wealth to a broader spectrum of the population than socialism can even dare. History proves this to be true.

Ron Portal


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