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Lawyers are the downfall of America

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Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 12:00 am

When in the near future someone writes a book called "The Rise and Fall of America," one of the major reasons written will be because we let lawyers advertise.

For those too young to know, or those with short memories, lawyers could not advertise anywhere. We knew they were out there lurking in the darkness somewhere, but believe it or not, some people went through their entire lives having nothing to do with them.

In 1976, the Supreme Court said they could advertise, and they were turned loose like a pack of dogs on a defenseless rabbit. Now they are everywhere — on TV, radio, newspapers and the backs of buses.

What we have found out is that no matter how stupid or careless we are, somebody else is to blame and we can sue them. Buy a cup of hot coffee, put it in your lap, drive a car, spill the coffee, burn yourself and you can sue the restaurant. Go to a bar, get drunk and crash your car, and you can sue the bar, the carmaker and probably the city for an unsafe road. Break into a house or business, intent upon robbery or worse, and the owner shoots you, you can sue him, the gun manufacturer and probably the lockmaker for making it too easy to break in. Better yet, you can rob somebody, shoot him dead, get captured and then get off by claiming the gun was responsible — not you

A young man was playing Little League baseball and was struck in the head by a line drive. A tragic accident, to say the least. His parents sued the makers of the aluminum bat, saying they were at fault because the ball comes off the aluminum bat faster than a wooden bat. Duh, that's why they use an aluminum bat. If the batter had been using a wooden bat and the bat had broken, and the boy had been seriously injured by the splintered bat, they probably would have sued the wooden bat company. The boy was awarded $2 million by a jury. Shame on the parents, shame on the lawyers and shame on the jury.

A few other things will be noted for the fall: Obama, the price of gas, no Monday Lodi News-Sentinel and adjustable baseball caps. But for the most part, the blame will be put where it belongs. As the wise Pogo once noted, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Jim Sugden


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