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Letter: Evolutionism is a hypothesis, not a theory

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Posted: Saturday, August 30, 2014 12:00 am

With reference to Matt Wilson’s letter of Aug. 14, “Science is a process used to decipher the natural world” and Tom Baker’s letter of July 31, “Darwin’s theory has never been proven as truth,” terms must be defined.

The definition of science is a state or fact of knowledge opposed to intuition or belief, a study by exact observation, measurement and reproduction of findings and the establishment and systemization of facts, principles and methods of study.

Based on the definition, evolutionism is a hypothesis, not a theory. It is founded on intuition and imagination, cannot be measured, observed or reproduced in a lab, and certainly assumes and implies more support evidence than actually exists. Evolutionism ranks with nationalism as a false religion, and all of its assumptions can make a fool of you and me — and regularly do. A hypothesis is an unproved, unsubstantiated theory that is a basis for further investigation and study, but not a finding in fact.

Evolutionism is a pretense that’s been accepted as absolute, teachable truth by most of the elite educational community. It has become the foundation for all the sciences in our secular school system, including our prestigious colleges and universities. This intelligentsia tries desperately to silence creationists and exclude creationism from the debate, even to the point of punishing teachers and professors who don’t agree with them. My dear old dad used to say, “All the Ph.D.s, Th.D.’s and fiddle dee-dees behind my name I might earn, can’t beat common sense.”

Technology has certainly expanded our perspective — the Hubble telescope has allowed us to see the unmistakable demonstration of a supreme purpose, plan and design of a pre-eternal, self-existent Creator as well as our own finite, limited understanding of things. Like the old man said, “For all we know, it ain’t much.” Common sense isn’t so common anymore.

William Van Amber Fields


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