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President Obama wants to disarm America by any means available

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Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2013 12:00 am

This government in the past has banned alcohol, marijuana and illegal immigration. How's that working out for us? And now the all-powerful demi-god Obama thinks that he can ban guns by simply passing unconstitutional laws without constitutional authority.

Look at the statistics and remove yourself from the horrific events of this past year. The worst period of homicide in the last 150 years was between 1846-1887. They didn't have assault rifles, etc. The only common denominator was people, and as long as you have people you're going to have a minority that are inhuman — who will kill. And if they kill with guns, which will never leave this planet no matter how many laws you pass, then it's only logical and sane to allow those who are law-abiding citizens to have the means to protect themselves. As horrific as these school and theater massacres are, most murders in the U.S. are committed by criminals.

This president has an agenda to disarm America, and he will use any means available to him — even politicizing these horrific events playing on our emotions — to attain that goal.

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