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Letter: Please return stolen scooter basket

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Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 12:00 am

Shame on the person who stole a mobile scooter basket from my neighbor. How could you? The woman you’ve stole from has cerebral palsy and is disabled. She only gets a bare minimum of money each month. She purchased that basket with saved-up cash. She just lost her husband last year, and the only thing that keeps her going is faith.

I know this lady and she is strong; strong, goodhearted, sweet and generous. This woman matters a lot to my family and me. She’s like a grandma to me, and you made my grandma cry. She only cries when she’s truly broken. And although a single basket may not seem like much to you, added to all her other daily problems, it was a great deal to her. How do you have the audacity to sneak onto private property to steal a senior citizen’s mobile scooter basket?

She’s on the edge of her cliff of patience, and you broke her heart that much more. She had been hoping and planning on buying herself that basket for quite awhile now. She had barely bought it on Friday and it was stolen by Sunday morning. She’s wishing she never lived in Lodi, and she’s disliking everyone and everything about it.

Think twice before you do something so stupid. I doubt you have much use for that basket, but if you do, you should’ve bought your own — you coward!

Don’t be surprised if your hands fall off or your limbs start to malfunction. You’ve got a truckload of curses from my heartbroken neighbor. If you have any dignity, you would quietly return the basket from where you got it. You could do it in the night just as slyly as you took it. You don’t need to tell anyone; just put it back and be on your way.

I hope you’ve learned never to take anything that’s not yours.

Jasam Verjnik


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