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Voters should already know their choice for President

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Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2012 12:00 am

The election is days away and there are still people who claim to be undecided. On what planet are they living?

Obama has been in charge for four years. Gov. Romney has been in public service and charity work most of his life. It's not like they just popped up and asked for your vote.

I know I'm going to catch flack, but anybody who lets staged, rehearsed theatrics influence their decision should not be allowed to vote. Do you honestly think Obama is going to do anything different? He had an agenda — turning us into a socialist nation — and he has not changed.

Do you think he has a new plan to get people working? There are more people out of work today than when he took charge.

Do you think he has a new energy plan? Gas is almost three times the price. He has vetoed or blocked efforts to make us energy independent.

Do you thing he has a new plan to balance the budget? He's spent more money than all other presidents combined. He's put our nation on the brink of financial disaster, and has incurred debts that our children will bear. His one big "achievement," the health program, has yet to take full effect. It has the promise of becoming the biggest drain on our budget yet.

There are over 30 percent more people on food stamps than four years ago. People are still losing their homes. Our borders haven't been secured. We are hated and despised in foreign countries in spite of his bowing, scraping and apologizing for every wrong since the inception of time.

If you like what he has done — vote for him. If you don't — vote against him. If you don't know much about Gov. Romney, Google him. He's so much more than just a rich Mormon.

Compare the lifestyle, ethics, morality, business ability, background and love of country of both men. That's what should influence your decision, and this should've already taken place.

If the right man gets elected, the economy might just improve enough to get a Monday News-Sentinel again — heck, let's think big and shoot for a Sunday paper, too.

Jim Sugden


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