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Letter: Transsexual legislation is offensive

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Posted: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 12:00 am

Transsexual use of the restroom, locker rooms and gender reassignment selection in public schools is nothing more than the “Homosexual Mafia” at work.

Transsexuals in percentages are small compared with the conventional gender population in schools. Taking our most valuable and precious resources — impressionable children — and placing them in the middle of this hotbed of sexual behavior is a travesty and shameful act.

This is nothing more than this sexually bent assemblage’s way of introducing their sexual exploits to our children at the earliest possible age. It is an arena where the transsexual population can promote their lifestyle agenda and sell it to impressionable, innocent children.

The public school system should not be turned upside down for such a small minority group. This bill has gained a lot of support, some for the right reasons. However, there is an establishment of sex maniacs, perverts and child abusers hidden within this flock.

Transgender sexual reassignments are facts of life; however, there is a time and place for everything. The elementary and public school system is not the place for this. When adulthood is reached, these individuals may choose where they wish to urinate or defecate. As far as their sexual genitalia assignments, they can be addressed in adulthood as well.

If this letter has offended anyone, then my point was made, because I find this legislation the most offensive piece of garbage coming from our state of public servants.

If you are male or female, use the appropriate facilities until further notice. The liberal left is insane with distortion of what is factual. Just because you feel you are a different gender does not make it so. Should we allow gender selection, then race, color and creed reassignments should be legal, too. Affirmative action will be turned on its ear.

Why is it that when a small minority is discriminated against it is of major concern, but when fact majorities are discriminated against, it is just fine? An old hero of mine said so eloquently: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” — “live long and prosper”!

Mike Tsarnas


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