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Letter: Drones save money and American lives

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Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2014 12:00 am

Drones have been in the news as of late, keeping surveillance on the enemy in Afghanistan — namely the Taliban and al-Qaida. The United States has been fighting a war on a daily basis for many years with no end in sight. Many citizens of this country even forget there is a war being waged until they read about an American fighting man or woman being killed in combat.

The president has a going-nowhere plan to remove fighting troops. At first, the due date was the end of this year; now there is nothing written in stone that this will happen, leaving a small amount of troops who will end up defending themselves rather than train Afghanistan troops.

I believe the best way to keep American troops out of harm’s way is to remove them. Leave the job to drones. They can fly without getting tired, and if one is shot down, we can build five more to take its place. They can also carry ordnance at a cost of $4 to $5 million, which is lunch money to the U.S. government compared to the $2.5 billion that go into the manufacture of the newest and fastest fighter jets. And the drone does not require anyone to fly it other than someone in Texas who uses a joystick to control the drone.

There is also always the complaint involving innocent people. This country is so concerned about collateral damage and that innocent people might be killed. Never forget we are at war, and that collateral damage is the price to pay. If you’re going to war, then by God, win it (Gen. George “Blood and Guts” Patton).

Rules of engagement must be changed. Any civilian going into the service must read the rules of engagement. And after reading them, they just might change their mind. The lone survivor of a SEAL team tells it like it was — the hunters become the hunted due to the rules of engagement. And above all, this is not a shoot-to-wound situation.

Ed Walters


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