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Letter: Police do have an ‘us versus them’ attitude

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Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 12:00 am

Glen Dais hit the nail on the head in his Letter to the Editor, “We need better-trained professional police forces across the nation,” Feb. 6. The police do have an “us versus them” attitude. When I attended a police training course, an instructor, a veteran detective, began the class by establishing the ground rules and telling us that civilians are all a*******.

I commend the News-Sentinel for its continued reporting on this case. Although the articles are straightforward facts and not explicitly critical of police, you can read between the lines. For example, the investigation is run by fellow police. It is common knowledge that the police will not tell on each other.

A further example: I attended a college police training class. The instructor was incompetent. I wrote a letter to the administration about it. I found myself being investigated by the police officer with oversight on the program! As an aspiring police officer, I was expected to keep it all in-house. The rule, don’t snitch on a fellow officer, is being taught and enforced at the student level.

As to further evidence of bias in the investigation, the News-Sentinel reports that one of the agencies responsible for the investigation is the Lodi city attorney. Why, you might ask, since the city attorney has no particular competence in the area of police conduct? Answer: The City of Lodi has a serious bias against a finding of liability of its officers, which will cost the city a lot of money. How neutral will the city be as a player in the investigation?

Ed Brooks


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