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Obama has not been truthful while in office

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Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012 12:00 am

In the first debate, Romney won. The score that night was Romney 47, Obama 22. The polls showed Romney at 70 percent, Obama at 18 percent. Romney was clearly the winner. Poor Axelrod can't accept that his employer lost, so he created the phrase: "Romney lied." He didn't lie.

OK, Axelrod, I have had it with the likes of you. Frankly, your false accusations now make me angry. You want to talk lies? Here are just a few of your employer's lies:

Lie No. 1: "I promise 100 percent transparency in my administration." It never happened. The New York Times says his administration is addicted to secrecy.

Lie No. 2: "I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bill." Never happened. A lie?

Lie No. 3: "I'll put health care negotiations on C-SPAN so people will know who is at the table." Never happened. Another lie? Even Pelosi didn't know what was going on.

Lie No. 4: "I don't know Gov. Blagojevich." Later, photos showing Obama in friendly chat with Blagojevich proved he did know the convicted felon.

Lie No. 5: "Obamacare will save us/you/anyone money." Probably his biggest lie, next to calling it "affordable."

Lie No. 6: "The high price of gasoline isn't my fault." Oh? First he blocked the Keystone pipeline and then blocked our own off-shore oil drilling — making us even more dependent on expensive foreign oil.

Lie No. 7: Fast and Furious fiasco was nothing but lies from start to finish.

Lie No. 8: At first when terrorists brutally murdered our ambassador and three other Americans, Obama said it was spontaneous and caused by a movie no one saw. He lied. Three days later he said, OK, it was terrorists.

Lie No. 9: He lied when he tried to take credit for killing bin Laden. After clumsily trying to put him off twice, it was his then-top man, Leon Panetta, who ordered the strike and went out on a limb to "get'er done."

If you still want Obama, do us a favor — don't vote.

Don Van Noy


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