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Letter: Wisdom of leaders must never be questioned

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Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 12:00 am

A juxtaposition of stories this week highlights a truth about leftist ideologues. No amount of human suffering can deter them from dogma.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un this week corralled tens of thousands of citizens into seven stadiums. Under giant Marxist art depicting happy North Koreans gazing heroically skyward, the people were gathered to witness executions; 80 citizens charged with owning Bibles or South Korean videos.

Machine guns blasted them until their bodies were unrecognizable, and three generations of their families were taken, without trial, to re-education camps. The benevolent wisdom of dear leader must never, ever be questioned.

Also this week, millions of Americans are losing health care plans. In his cosmetic, Potempkin leniency edict, Obama says he’s sorry they misunderstood his clear, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” His clarification: “Bad apple” companies had sold them “junk” plans that didn’t include essential coverage — birth control, abortion, obstetrics (priced the same for geriatric men as young, married women), drug addiction therapy, pediatric dentistry, mental health counseling, optional sex change surgery and expensive pre-existing conditions. Americans would love their new policies, abuse sex and drugs, and gaze heroically skyward if the skinflints would spend $400 more per month. Democrat apologists added, “It only affects five percent of Americans anyway” (only 16 million citizens).

So no big deal, right? Eighty citizens? Sixteen million? The important thing to remember: Dear leader loves them and promises to fix the problem. “Nobody is working harder than me,” said Obama. Stalwart Democrats believe that.

The beauty of free markets is this: They instantly correct mistakes. Stanley Steamer, Edsel, DeLorean, all visionary ideas abandoned without fuss in a free market, where, if people liked their health plans, they kept them. Really! Free markets protect people from government cruelty. Leftist dogma requires it.

Ideologues never, never, ever correct mistakes. They compound them with lying, blame, excuses, cover-ups and revenge. The leader’s benevolence must never, ever be questioned, no matter how cruel. Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Kim, Obama — none capable of admitting dogma might ever be wrong.

Peter Stearns


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