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Our elected officials need to do homework

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Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2010 12:00 am

How many of us as parents became upset when our children came home with a bad grade on a report card or a test simply because they were unprepared; you know, because they hadn't read the assignments as required?

Such behavior would have often resulted in the loss of privileges or, at the very least, the issuance of a stern lecture.

So what should we think (or do) about Attorney General Eric Holder, who during questioning by a House Judiciary Committee hearing regarding the recently passed Arizona immigration law, confessed to not having read its scant 10 pages? Further exacerbating the situation had been his insistence on numerous prior occasions that the passage of this law might well result in very disturbing problems indeed — including racial profiling and the harassing of completely innocent American citizens.

Upon being offered a generous chance to redeem himself, Holder further embarrassed himself, the president and "we the people" when he admitted that he hadn't even been briefed on its content prior to subjecting himself to questioning. (See, the content of which should leave all of us who care in abject shock due to Mr. Holder's lack of professional integrity.)

Is this really what we've elected: a group of nearly illiterate egotists who believe they're above reading the very laws that they either push off on us or attempt to marginalize because they disagree with the idea?

Of course, this is just another of now too many faux pas on the part of this increasingly pathetic administration. This isn't funny anymore. And to think, there are those who truly believe that Barack Obama, et al., have caused the rest of the world to respect us again. They're laughing and I'm ashamed.

For many right-thinking Americans, we can only hope that the republic can hang on until the elections of 2010 when as many of these do-nothing politicians as possible are dispatched home. From that point it will be a matter of honing our basic survival skills until on Nov. 6, 2012. We will most certainly awaken from this national nightmare.

Jerome Kinderman


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