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Federal government’s job is to protect and serve

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Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2012 12:00 am

As you will be able to soon tell, as a 71-year-old male, I am not exactly "delicate." This is an open letter to U.S. citizens who love their country and Constitution. Also included are federal legislators who I assume want the very best for their country and expect to be re-elected to another term.

Having said that, why are not more people absolutely furious with our existing federal regime? In my humble opinion, both the president and vice president are criminals!

The primary purpose of the federal government is "to protect and serve" — not steal our God-given rights, overtax us and over-regulate us.

At the top of my list is our pathetic economy. Our economy, made much worse by this regime, is weakening our National Defense. Our enemies are emboldened, and our allies do not trust us and wonder what we are doing.

"Libya-gate" is a prime example of how this regime is (criminally) destroying us — four Americans are dead. The regime cheated and then lied to America, thus weakening our national defense. The fact that this pathetic regime would allow our military budget to be decimated is proof that they are criminals. Worldwide, Obama is a pathetic joke feared by no one.

Why has our "president" spent millions of dollars hiding his background? Because he is a criminal with plenty to hide.

Wake up America. Congress should indict all of the criminals in this regime — try them, find them guilty and punish them.

Larry Gullicksen


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