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Obama is not practicing class warfare

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Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2012 12:00 am

The train wreck that took place during the Bush years and exposing what's left of our democratic process continues to motivate some of us to rekindle a genuine democratic purpose. Let's expose those elements in society who comprise the antithesis of a democratic society.

How is it that a privileged few can exert such great influence on society at large? The tremendous weight of their wealth and power has almost numbed us into thinking this is as good as it gets, that it sure would be good to be rich so that one could live the high life and forget one's — or society's — problems.

People like Mr. Romney who represent that 1 percent exhort us to believe that people like President Obama are engaging in class warfare when they dare to take on the rich for not paying an equitable share in the income tax, and that further taxation of the wealthy hinders job creation because such taxation would unduly bleed them of capital. Remember that message — or threat, depending on one's inclination — by the 20 percent who control 85 percent of America's wealth — a $50 trillion economy!

The 10 percent, as modeled by Mr. Romney, are not job producers but in fact "financial asset" creators — they make money. Jobs are for you and me to worry about while profit margins are the greatest concern for the 20 percent, even more so for those who occupy the ultra-rich 10 percent.

Is this class warfare, then? The wealthy use money and power to control the political system to instill fear — jobs lost, terrorism, immigration, gun control among others — within the middle class and working poor ranks to divide and maintain disequilibrium.

The financial mayhem initiated by the "Great Recession" has gone largely unpunished. You tell me if class warfare exists.

What's the difference between an Obama and a Romney? For many of us, his accomplishments still don't outweigh disappointments. Yet, early on, too many have hoped that the president would fail. Romney is the status quo of big government for the rich. Without a special interest agenda to impede him, President Obama could yet well represent his middle-class America.

John Armenta


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