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Shariah law cannot exist alongside the United States Constitution

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Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 7:01 am, Tue Sep 25, 2012.

Italian author Oriana Fallaci, who died in 2006, wrote about the "Islamization" of Europe and commented, "In each one of our cities is a second city, a state within the state, a government within the government; a Muslim city, a city ruled by the Quran."

Geert Wilders, a nationalist member of the Dutch House of Representatives, stated in a recent speech on what he called the "Islamic invasion of the Netherlands": "I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible. I want to make clear that I am differentiating between the people and the ideology, between Muslims and Islam. There may be moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam."

Both of these activists point to Islam's "Shariah law" as the cornerstone and mortar of the Islamization of Europe. They speak of Shariah banks, Shariah schools and Shariah family law, where "Shariah law" takes precedence over the national law system. They warn of the dual legal system, a dangerous system of "legal apartheid," created when Shariah law exists alongside a country's constitutional law.

Islam has already colonized the U.S. to a large degree. Almost every city and town in the U.S. has at least one mosque and/or Islamic center. When the Muslim presence becomes strong enough, it asserts itself and demands governance by its own legal system — Shariah. Just as Europe teaches, a dual legal system threatens and puts at serious risk the democratic constitutional state, the identity and freedom, and the very culture and civilization of all non-Muslims. In Europe the people are already losing their right of free speech — the right to critique Islam.

History teaches that when Islam becomes strong in a society, that society becomes less free and more intolerant of non-Muslims. Today, this is demonstrated in every Islamic country, where Jews and Christians are hated and persecuted.

Geert Wilders of the Netherlands wrote, "Fundamentally Islam is a totalitarian ideology striving for world dominance."

It's said that if history teaches us anything, it's that we learn nothing from history. My dear old dad used to say, "If you're a hammer, everything else is a nail."

William Van Amber Fields


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  • Andrew Liebich posted at 2:32 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    Obama’s chief political strategist, David Axerlrod, announced in June that the administration will push for a constitutional amendment to rollback free speech if his boss is re-elected in November. “When we win, we will use whatever tools out there, including a constitutional amendment, to turn this back,” Axlerod said.

    During a recent House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz) questioned Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez on whether the Justice Department would ever consider banning free speech critical of religion.

    “Will you tell us here today simply that this Administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” asked Franks.

    Perez replied by asking for context before Franks repeated the question, adding, “That’s not a hard question.”

    Perez then tried to add the context of “when you make threats against someone,” but Franks stuck to his original question and repeated it for a third time.

    “Again sir, if you have a proposal that you are considering, we will actively review that proposal,” responded Perez.

    “OK, here’s my proposal. I’m asking you to answer a question, that’s my proposal. I’m proposing you answer this question,” said Franks, before repeating the question for a fourth time.

    Perez again refused to answer the question, asking for more context.

    When a member of the subcommittee offered to “rephrase” the question for Franks, he responded, “I’m asking my own questions, I’ll certainly allow you to ask yours.”

    “If the Department of Justice can’t even answer whether they will entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion, then it’s pretty late in the day,” concluded Franks.

    Perez’ evasive response clearly indicates that the Department of Justice under the Obama administration would consider a law that would override the First Amendment and classify criticism of religion as racist hate speech.

    The mere fact that Perez refused to rule it out is shocking.

    Equally shocking... Bobin actually believing Obama when he says, "free speech that cannot be impinged." [sleeping]

  • Walter Chang posted at 8:48 pm on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    Walt Posts: 1184

    Sounds like sour grapes!


  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 8:21 pm on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    Of course based upon the past four years there's little from the White House that would have me believe what the president "says" he will do. "Political expediency" is the order of the day. From now until November 5th the mantra at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is: "It's all about votes, stupid." (A variation of William Jefferson Clinton's in 1992: "It's the economy, stupid.")

  • Walter Chang posted at 6:27 pm on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    Walt Posts: 1184

    "B) actually believes this nonsense"


  • Joanne Bobin posted at 5:08 pm on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Mr. Kinderman wrote: "I fear under this administration that admonitions from the president himself might be forthcoming regarding “voluntarily” curtailing our greatest freedom of all - speech."

    I guess Mr. Kinderman did not hear the president's speech at the UN in which he EMPHATICALLY stated that the US has the right to free speech that cannot be impinged.

    I'm beginning to believe that Mr. Kinderman either A) likes to make up garbage comments like this, or B) actually believes this nonsense.

  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 11:31 am on Thu, Sep 27, 2012.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    I fear under this administration that admonitions from the president himself might be forthcoming regarding “voluntarily” curtailing our greatest freedom of all - speech.

    These calls for the UN to criminalize world-wide the mocking or cartooning of Islam's prophet may very well take hold. If this happens, what do we think President Obama might do (if he's re-elected) compared to Romney (if he becomes the next President of the United States)?

    An open question: what would anyone here do?

    Now while I am against mocking anyone’s religion and never engage in such activity, there are many, many people (even on this very forum) who have no compunction against defiling Christianity and Jesus Himself. Of course I find such behavior to be insulting and hurtful, but realize that in the United States our freedom to express ourselves is practically sacred. More than that, I believe that Christ isn’t harmed by such remarks or defamation of His name – He’s above all that and still loves those who turn their backs on Him.

    My question to Muslims is why the angst that would cause them to kill (murder) for such inane conduct by non-believers? Aren’t Allah and Mohammed greater than that? I truly do not understand.

  • Walter Chang posted at 5:17 pm on Tue, Sep 25, 2012.

    Walt Posts: 1184


  • Brian Dockter posted at 8:08 am on Tue, Sep 25, 2012.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2862


    Tears of Jihad

    These figures are a rough estimate of the death of non-Muslims by the political act of jihad.


    Thomas Sowell [Thomas Sowell, Race and Culture, BasicBooks, 1994, p. 188] estimates that 11 million slaves were shipped across the Atlantic and 14 million were sent to the Islamic nations of North Africa and the Middle East. For every slave captured many others died. Estimates of this collateral damage vary. The renowned missionary David Livingstone estimated that for every slave who reached a plantation, five others were killed in the initial raid or died of illness and privation on the forced march.[Woman’s Presbyterian Board of Missions, David Livingstone, p. 62, 1888] Those who were left behind were the very young, the weak, the sick and the old. These soon died since the main providers had been killed or enslaved. So, for 25 million slaves delivered to the market, we have an estimated death of about 120 million people. Islam ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa.

    120 million Africans


    The number of Christians martyred by Islam is 9 million [David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-10] . A rough estimate by Raphael Moore in History of Asia Minor is that another 50 million died in wars by jihad. So counting the million African Christians killed in the 20th century we have:

    60 million Christians


    Koenard Elst in Negationism in India gives an estimate of 80 million Hindus killed in the total jihad against India. [Koenard Elst, Negationism in India, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2002, pg. 34.] The country of India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. The mountains near India are called the Hindu Kush, meaning the “funeral pyre of the Hindus.”

    80 million Hindus


    Buddhists do not keep up with the history of war. Keep in mind that in jihad only Christians and Jews were allowed to survive as dhimmis (servants to Islam); everyone else had to convert or die. Jihad killed the Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, along the Silk Route, and in India. The total is roughly 10 million. [David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-1.]

    10 million Buddhists


    Oddly enough there were not enough Jews killed in jihad to significantly affect the totals of the Great Annihilation. The jihad in Arabia was 100 percent effective, but the numbers were in the thousands, not millions. After that, the Jews submitted and became the dhimmis (servants and second class citizens) of Islam and did not have geographic political power.

    This gives a rough estimate of 270 million killed by jihad.

  • Brian Dockter posted at 8:05 am on Tue, Sep 25, 2012.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2862



    Islam is a cultural, religious and political system. Only the political system is of interest to kafirs (non-Muslims) since it determines how we are defined and treated. The Islamic political system is contained in the Koran, the Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed) and his biography, the Sira.

    Our mission is to educate the world about political Islam, its founder Mohammed, his political doctrine and his god, Allah.


    Islam’s success comes primarily from its politics. In thirteen years as a spiritual leader, Mohammed converted 150 people to his religion. When he became a political leader and warrior, Islam exploded in growth, and Mohammed became king of Arabia in ten years.

  • Brian Dockter posted at 8:00 am on Tue, Sep 25, 2012.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2862

    Good letter.

    Even Islamic scholars have admitted Shariah Law is the antithesis of Democracy.
    The very success of Islam can be attributed to it's political side. Mohammed figured out over the course of years Islam had little chance of spreading significantly if it came down to relying on the religious aspect of it.

  • Darrell Baumbach posted at 6:21 am on Tue, Sep 25, 2012.

    Darrell Baumbach Posts: 9405

    Mr Fields stated...History teaches that when Islam becomes strong in a society, that society becomes less free and more intolerant of non-Muslims.


    I am including a link for a video I made in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At 1:54 in the video, I show a Mosque and the prayers that are broadcast with very loud public loud speakers. This is the largest city in Malaysia that is more like San Francisco than a traditional Malaysian city.

    The are seven main cultures in Malaysia. most predominate ones are Chinese, Malay, Indian, Persian and Arabian. One culture though has dominated the society and has elected majority of representatives that have implemented Sharia Law. This culture has enough power that they have built mosques throughout the country and legally allow this mosques to broadcast prayers 5 times per day throughout the city.
    I walked one end of the city to the other end. Not one inch of space was free of Muslim prayers played loudly. If you are Buddhist or Christian, you have no rights to privacy and are forced to listen to another the Muslim prayers.


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Thanks Christina. It makes me happy to know that thoughtful people like yourself are educating our children.



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