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Letter: What if Obama had chosen differently on health care?

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Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 12:00 am

Everyone at some point of their lives thinks back to decisions they’ve made and wonders, “What If I had acted differently?”

I would like to be a bit presumptuous and use this same premise on decisions made by our president. When just elected, he had a favorability rating of some 60 percent, a loving wife, two attractive daughters and the admiration of a nation. He had party support in both houses of Congress and the population in his corner. The ship of state was in his hands.

Facing a broken national health issue, his first agenda was to either fight to repair it or fight to replace it. He chose the latter, a decision that would come to haunt him. It was the cornerstone of his plan for reinventing health care. After many attempts to launch, it finally became a law. So far it has proven to be too costly and unworkable, and has lost its majority of backers. Rather than being a panacea, it’s become a cumbersome millstone around the president’s neck.

In short, “Obama Health Care” desperately needs an infusion of funds to continue. A special bill in Congress for the necessary money appeared to be ruled out due to the voters’ realization — on its own it was foolhardy. The solution was to attach it to a bill with tremendous weight, and the “budget” was just that bill.

Seems that the House of Representatives was agreeable to the Senate’s budget bill, but not the “piggy back” portion for health care supplements. Still, the bill without the health care add-on might pass through both branches of Congress. Then it’s on to the president for ratification.

The problem here is that if it goes through, the “Obama Health Plan” is in dire trouble. To protect the plan and his status, it is speculated that he will cast a veto. If he does, let the “blame games” commence.

What if the decision was made to spend all of the time, money and energy in repairing a troubled program rather than embarking into uncharted waters?

Sometimes it’s hard to realize that we are the employers and that they work for us!

Richard Viall


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