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Election process is working

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Posted: Monday, September 15, 2008 10:00 pm

The election campaigns seemed to start way too early this cycle. I felt a sense of political fatigue setting in as the months rolled by.

Sen. Obama, you single-handedly renewed my thankfulness for the open nature of our primary process. I listened to your rhetorical skills and recognized your talent. I learned that you spent some 20 years listening to a gifted orator in the person of your pastor, a possible connection to your own speaking skills behind the microphone. Weeks went by, allowing me to focus in on your words that accompanied this skill.

In the course of your campaign, you spoke of a world where every child has the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. Referencing God fit with your background, but I wondered. In your opinion, when is it that God imparts this potential to every child? Fast forward to the Saddle Back Forum. You were asked when does life begin? You responded, something to the effect, to be specific on that subject is above my pay grade. I trust you weren't implying that a presidency pay raise would bring wisdom is this matter. It appears that while sitting in the pew all those years you picked up the preaching skills but missed the character of God regarding life.

History was in the making and you, Sen. Obama, were at the heart of it. The first African American along with the first woman presidential candidates.

In your acceptance speech, you looked us in the eye (via TV) and said: This election is not about me, it's about you. Eighteen million cast historical votes for Hillary. In your first presidential-type decision, intended to show judgment and character, you ignored those voices. Instead of reaching back through that cracked glass ceiling and saying to Hillary, let's shatter this ceiling once and for all together, you stepped right over her and reached for one of the good old boys from the broken Washington you speak of fixing. We will never know what history might have brought us.

It takes time to see a man's character unfold. I'm thankful our process has allowed me time to observe yours. Thank you, founding fathers.

Terry Jorgensen


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