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Letter: Enemies will be created, lies will be spread and it will business as usual

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Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2014 12:00 am

Historical calamities which turn into total catastrophes are always repeated by the same suspects. In the last half of the ‘70s, Afghanistan had stability; its government was secular, the Afghans for the most part lived well, and they had good relations with their neighbor Soviet Russia.

Jimmy Carter and his mentor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, with his extreme personal hatred for Russia, brought down the Afghan government covertly with the CIA, with full knowledge Russia would invade, trying to restore order. This invasion by Russia only created more disorder. It inflamed the Islamic world and continued the Cold War to the lucrative benefit of the military industrial complex, adding misery and death to thousands which still continues to exist today in Afghanistan 34 years later — thanks to Carter and Brzezinski.

Victor Yanukovych was legitimately elected president of the Ukraine on the promise he would restore good relations with President Putin and Russia. The European Union and their marionettes, Barrack Obama and John “Deputy Dog” Kerry, were very successful in bringing the elected government of President Yanukovych down when the Olympics were in progress, again knowing Russia would invade to protect her borders.

Since the middle-cast carnage is winding down, talk of reducing the military has sent shock waves through the war industries. Thus they had to incite Russia, as America has always had to have an enemy and/or boogie-man to survive economically. Russia being a superpower gives the United States the motive to start a new Cold War.

The polemic insiders and the corporate-owned media propagandists will have no problem selling this big lie because the average American is incapable of any independent analytical thought or critical opinion. Therefore it will be business as usual — nothing changes

Adam Dados


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