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Letter: Voters are deliberately being disenfranchised

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Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2014 12:00 am

During the last few years, under the guise of voter fraud prevention, there have been deliberate efforts by Republican right wing legislators in a number of states to disenfranchise voters.

The laws passed to do this are specifically targeted at making it more difficult for women, minorities and young people to vote. The sole reason of course is that these groups tend to support more Democrats!

The voter fraud argument is in itself fraudulent. Voter fraud in the United States is almost non-existent. As examples, the Iowa Secretary of State (a Republican) found only five cases of actual voter fraud after two years and spending $150,000 . In the last decade the state of Texas (assumed to be most vigilant on this matter) has convicted only 51 people of voter fraud.

The right to vote, regardless of your political and social views, is fundamental to American Democracy. I consider these actions by right wing Republicans to be a complete disgrace to American principles, and an unveiled attempt to impose their particular views on the majority of Americans. I am sure that if they had their complete way we would return to 200 years ago when the right to vote was restricted to white, male property owners!

Fred Danielson


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