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Illegal immigrant students are entitled to nothing

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Posted: Monday, September 12, 2011 12:00 am

First, let me say that my reaction and response to the article on Sept. 1 is not about race or nationality, but it is about illegal residency in California and the United States. Legal immigration built this country, and I am all for everyone in pursuit of the American Dream. However, I strongly oppose those who are here illegally because they never pledge their true allegiance to our country, our ideals and our way of life. They are entitled to nothing.

The article states, "These students (meaning illegal students) are valedictorians, class presidents and all-star athletes. They are the future of California."


We have plenty of exceptional students who are U.S. citizens who are not only entitled to our support but, more appropriately, should be the leaders of our nation and state government accordingly. Isn't it enough that we have already supported these illegal children K-12?

Further, the article refers to the student as being "punished" if they are not granted scholarships because their parents brought them here illegally without their consent. Poor argument, they are simply not entitled. The parents should have applied for legal entry, been made to study our fight for independence and history, learned to speak, read and write our official national language (English), pass a citizenship exam, pledge themselves to the USA, and become a USA citizen and done so for their children as well.

These young adults are obligated to apply for and become U.S. citizens if they want our tax money to further their education. They should be held accountable for continuing the deceptions of their parents. If they are not willing to become citizens, they should be deported along with their illegal families. The choice is really theirs.

Our legislature should be ashamed that they want to divert even one penny, to support them further. They are after all illegal and should be treated accordingly.

Be vocal and do not re-elect those government officials who are more interested in illegal amnesty to support their next campaign than doing what is right to rebuild the U.S. economy.

Sandra Fischer


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