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Revealing hidden costs of Obamacare

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Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2012 12:00 am

According to Neil Snyder, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia, seniors are at most risk under Obamacare, especially those over 70. Rationing of services is now the rule, not the exception, which means a "panel of experts," not your personal physician, can now decide to give you "comfort care" instead of treatment. Your age counts against you even though you might otherwise have an excellent chance of recovery from a major surgery.

FactCheck states that the Medicare Advantage plan Obama is planning to eliminate would actually have been 9 percent cheaper than the new Medicare. Obama had planned to hide this information from seniors until after the election by taking $8 billion in HHS funds to be used for government studies, but the GAO objected.

In 2013, the top tax rate on dividends rises from 15 percent to 39 percent, plus Obamacare imposes a dividend "surtax of 3.8 percent on families making more than $250,000 yearly." That triples today's tax rate. This October, readmission to the hospital within 30 days will cause a penalty to be levied on many hospitals. Beginning in 2018, Obamacare imposes a 40 percent excise tax on high-cost health insurance plans. What is "high cost"?

The Daily Caller Opinion says that of the 20 new higher taxes on Obamacare, the ones that most effect seniors are the coverage gap between retirement and Medicare eligibility. In 2014, the excise tax penalty for non-compliance with the purchase of "qualifying health insurance" will rise to 2.5 percent of adjusted gross income for a couple making less than $55,600.

Everyone, including seniors, really needs to familiarize themselves with this horrible, back-breaking, economy-busting plan, and vote this man out of office and elect someone else before we all pay the penalty for letting the Democrats continue to tax and spend us into our graves.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other hidden costs that haven't even been revealed.

Sonia Glick


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