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Letter: Obama is responsible for decline of middle class


Another President Obama State of the Union — long on rhetoric and short on substance. His arrogance knows no bounds.

Speaking before Congress, an equal branch of government, nine times he said he would ignore Congress and go it alone with his executive privilege. Why does he think we elect members to Congress? They represent “we the people,” and we expect them to debate issues and come up with the best solutions — not cram legislation down our throats that hasn’t been vetted and voted on knowledgeably; unlike what Congressman Jerry McNerney did with Obamacare — just a rubber stamp for Obama.

Obama decried the widening of income with the middle class going backward. Doesn’t the administration learn anything from past history or its own failures?

The Obama administration is responsible for the plight of the middle class. After losses in 401(k)s and IRAs, they have kept interest rates so low for the past five years that retired people get virtually no income from bank interest. Many seniors have had to go back to work to supplement their retirement.

He decried so many working two jobs, but this is a direct result of Obamacare. The government has decreed that you must give health care to full-time employees, so any small businesses and companies have cut hours for employees to 30 or less hours a week.

His pushing for higher minimum wages simply denies more teenagers — especially blacks, whose unemployment rates are astronomical — a chance to gain some work experience in fast food businesses. When D.C. voted to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, Walmart canceled plans to build new stores, which would have hired many more people and been located in areas that needed those stores.

His fanatic pushing for abortion on demand, demanding that businesses provide it against their conscience, will force Hobby Lobby to close its 500 stores rather than go against their conscience or pay the bankrupting fines.

Real job creation would rein in the EPA, which virtually destroyed coal mining in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Montana. Serious job creation would build the pipeline to Canada.

Eunice Friederich