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Letter: President trying to keep us safe

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Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 11:35 pm

Reading the orders by President Trump regarding the refugee policy, I can’t understand why there’s such an uproar against them. Doesn’t temporary mean limited time and 90 days banning entries from seven Muslim majority nations mean temporary?

President Trump took office on Jan. 20, less than a month ago. I believe he’s trying to keep American citizens safe. Let the people who have the time to march and protest go to work to help our country and give our president some slack.

My reaction to viewing the Women’s March and some of the comments made by some persons made me thankful I didn’t support it. The hate-filled and foul language by Ashley Judd was appalling. Madonna’s comment about wanting to blow up the White House and her profanity is deplorable. By the way, the White House belongs to the people of the United States. Being a celebrity doesn’t make Madonna a lady.

The English language is a beautiful language but some people don’t understand some of its meanings. Illegal means forbidden by law.

Some other issues misunderstood is that guns don’t make criminals commit crimes, cars don’t make people drive drunk, pencils don’t misspell words and spoons don’t make people fat. Obama pranks aren’t free, taxpayers worked to pay for them, welfare should not be a career choice and freedom isn’t free, our veterans paid for it.

I wholeheartedly support the new administration well.

Betty Pfeifle


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