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Letter: The campaign for the 2016 election has started

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Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 6:31 am

Something to ponder over: Why is the left spending so much time, effort and money attacking Gov. Christie of New Jersey? After all, the next presidential election is still some three years away, and many a thing can arise in life and politics in that long a span.

With the president’s approval rating declining and the party obviously anxious to remain in office, their future rides on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton. Who else in their ranks could they possibly consider? A good manager develops people — a potential replacement for when the boss steps down. This cannot be said of this administration.

So, back to Christie. The proven and successful strategy of the progressives has been a “discredit” program. It is again in the making. A good beginning would be “tunnelgate,” the lane blocking and monumental traffic snafu of the George Washington Bridge. Investigators may not find Christie had a hand in it, but it really won’t matter, since implication normally trumps truth in such situations.

From this point, the fault-finders will have a field day on that, as they might suggest, an overweight and obnoxious sexist bully — a way of discrediting the opposition in lieu of facing their own lack of accomplishments.

The media, which has been somewhat neutral of late, will surely retrench in an effort to exhibit their proven liberalism by supporting Clinton as the appropriate choice for the presidency in 2016.

Their fear is that Christie, unlike McCain and Romney, would engage in a “take no prisoners” campaign. Hard questions would surely be asked, and frivolous answers such as “it really doesn’t matter” would not be accepted. Clinton’s term as Secretary of State would be put under a microscope, and she would be challenged to defend her lack of accomplishments and her absence when under fire.

It appears that whoever is calling the shots for the incumbents has decided to start the 2016 campaign now by minimizing Christie, and hope that the GOP might instead find a candidate like McCain or Romney, who would not make waves and would play nice.

Richard Viall


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