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Letter: Affordable Care Act is not so affordable

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Posted: Thursday, October 31, 2013 12:00 am

The Affordable Care Act could better be called the “Unavailable Health Care Act” if things don’t soon change. Not only has the roll-out been a total embarrassment, the coverage and reported fee schedules do little to resemble the promises that were made.

It has been reported that in the state of Florida, several thousand families have had their insurance canceled by their carriers due to such stringent federal regulations that they are simply unable to comply. Now there is one way to best the competition. Surely more will decide it is fruitless to attempt to keep up.

Keeping “Obamacare” afloat is, in my opinion, critical in the “progressives’” long-range strong government takeover program. Set the bar so high that the only alternative is a single-payer system. No more competition from the private sector. Should you have a problem, you only have a bureaucrat at the IRS to deal with.

Once this plan is fully implemented, it then becomes only time until still another sector of our economy is taken under the federal wing. My thoughts would gravitate to the obviously evil oil companies, then the greedy banks, the profit-driven restaurants, and even down to the once part of the establishment — the unions

Nancy Pelosi was quite right in saying “pass the legislation so we can see what’s in it.” We did, but we are still wondering what we have found. Seems like daily a bit more comes to light.

One final thought: What’s with the big rush with the roll-out when it was known it was not functional? Might it come from that old fisherman saying, “When you hook the fish, pull him out fast ‘fore he figures he’s been caught”?

Richard Viall


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