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Prresidential candidates lack intelligence

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Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2012 12:00 am

Since 1976, the corporate elite has provided us brain-dead choices for presidential candidates. Mitt Romney is their current selection. He is a combined clone of Bush and Obama; living proof that intellect is not required to be president — just an obediently stupid capability to wave the flag and serve without question their corporate masters.

Romney's trips to England and Israel were a disaster. In London, he insulted the Olympic security team and was quickly put in his place. In Israel, he enraged the Islamic world with his polemic rants against Palestine and Iran. Whenever he opens his mouth, stupidity screams out.

This past spring Obama sang a few lines from a popular song, and sang very well. It was just good entertainment. Nitwit Mitt couldn't leave it alone. He had to prove he was a more pure American than Obama by singing a patriotic ditty — well off-key — rather than suggesting Obama should quit his day job for a singing career. Romney's singing was hysterically embarrassing and he appeared as goofy as another former governor from Massachusetts, who drove a tank when he too was campaigning for president in 1988.

Obama's reelection campaign was fueled by this pathetic singing gig of Romney's version of "America the Beautiful" and displays captions of Romney's dirty laundry on the singing video. This is good humor at the expense of an idiot; however, it's sad and catastrophic the damage these lame candidates create when elected.

During this ongoing bogus "War on Terror" for national security, Bush trashed the Bill of Rights and the Constitution when he signed the Patriot Act. Obama later signed legislation further sinking the people's rights to pre-Magna Carta levels. The last two occupants of the White House will always stand out and maybe Romney, too, because they all have accomplished something very unique as the United States now enters the Twilight Zone: They have made stupidity a virtue.

Adam Dados


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