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Letter: America needs prosperity, not more CEO greed

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Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 10:35 pm

I was amazed when I read your article about the top 10 CEOs in the country making anywhere from $37 million a year to as much as $68 million. There are millions of Americans who have lost good, high-paying jobs in this country, and they are now working two jobs to make ends meet, and they still don’t have the income that they used to have before the economy crashed and burned back in 2008. And there are millions of others who have never been able to get another job.

Instead of bailing out the banks and the insurance companies a few years ago, many economists have said how much more beneficial it would have been to have simply paid off everyone’s mortgage, and helped the middle class since they have always driven the economy in this country. But, of course, the politicians were opposed to that concept.

While millions of Americans are struggling to make a living now, these CEOs make more money than they could ever spend in 10 lifetimes. These are probably the same people who are against a raise in the minimum wage, but they think they need $50 million a year to survive!

The politicians in the past actually passed tax incentives to encourage companies to move their operations overseas, and that is why the economies of China, India and Pakistan are doing so well now, while millions of Americans remain unemployed. And the CEOs keep getting richer, because they are having their products made in foreign lands by cheap slave labor.

This country needs to come together and create jobs for the middle class in this country before we all go down the drain completely. Prosperity needs to return instead of greed.

Thelma Welsbacher


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