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Not all Democrats are happy with their party

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Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 12:00 am

As a member of a loosely knit group of emailers who track the ongoing political arena, I recently posed a question to my associates concerning the public's declining approval of the Obama administration.

One of my friends responded with the bit below. When I asked for approval to air his response, he didn't hesitate to OK my request to do so. His response tells of a background somewhat like mine, but different; it seems that he has retained his allegiance to the party, but not to its present direction.

His reply is surprising since we have generally agreed that he was our group's most ardent contributor, but on the "left" side of the political isle:

"I grew up in a very Democrat, Irish family when being a Democrat meant you stood up for the little people — the blue-collar workers. That was before the party was hijacked by Marxists, socialists and environmental zealots.

"I followed that path and attended college, majoring in psychology and social work with a minor in race relations. I bought into the self-loathing of the white race that came along with being a liberal.

"After entering the work force (in the private sector, no less), I realized that the hippies of yesterday were the new totalitarians of today, who not only want to adhere to their beliefs — which they have every right to do — but want to cram their ideologies down my throat, too.

"Don't like that the Boy Scouts don't accept gays? Start a new group called LGBT Scouts. But no, they have to introduce legislation that will disallow tax credits for charitable donations to groups that do not allow gays.

"Don't want to have a gun? Don't, but don't take away my right to own one to protect my family.

"Want to ride a bike to work? Go ahead! But don't pass laws so absurd like AB32 and SB375 that will kick our status of living back to the Stone Age. Even the cofounder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, says the environmental movement is going to bankrupt the world. I have had enough!"

Makes one wonder if there's not a whole host of Democrats out there with the same mindset; perhaps to "sit it out" until the party is returned to them.

Richard Viall


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  • Patrick W Maple posted at 7:55 pm on Sat, Apr 6, 2013.

    Pat Maple Posts: 1805

    With your every word. GWB was more popular in his first 6 years than bo, bc and jc in his entire political existence...

  • Eric Barrow posted at 3:38 pm on Fri, Apr 5, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1457

    I certainly agree that you exposed the ignorant.

  • Patrick W Maple posted at 9:36 pm on Thu, Apr 4, 2013.

    Pat Maple Posts: 1805

    Just exposing the ignorant. Attacking Mr Pham who is as much American...even more because he sees the hypocrisy of the left...as you are...is

  • John Lucas posted at 7:34 pm on Thu, Apr 4, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730


  • Eric Barrow posted at 7:12 pm on Thu, Apr 4, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1457

    Is there a point here?

  • Patrick W Maple posted at 4:33 pm on Thu, Apr 4, 2013.

    Pat Maple Posts: 1805

    No msb: Mr Pham IS a relative new comer to the US...first generation says that. It seems he took advantage of the greatest asset this country has (had)...jobs and opportunity. He prefered to pass on welfare. "isle" let you go on the fact that you knew pfreclty waht he was syanig. Jsut culond't keep yuor mutoh out of it cuold you.

    "Life is hard, it's harder if you are stupid. Stupid should hurt; a lot." He calls no one stupid just those who act stupid or do stupid things...or say sutipd things. A lot.

    mra: My mil is a dem. She is 84...I ran the SS numbers for her...she now thinks differently about mrbo...as do 8,640,000 other dems.

    mrb: By your calcs George Bush left office with 4,420,000 reps that didn't agree with him...hmmm

    According to the Gallup Polls...GWB's average approval was 65.1 in his first term and after eight years averaged 49.4 Billy Bob's first term was 49.6 and ended when he and Newt Gingrich worked together to get it up to 55.1. So much for your theory

  • John Lucas posted at 11:18 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730

    Mr Pham, like you, is not a Conservative. He is a right wing fanatic.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 10:42 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Mr. Maple wrote: "Of course they offer no proof or reasons for their claims of a hoax or chain e-mail something easily tested."

    Sorry, Mr. Maple, I don't receive chain emails, unless they arrive in my Spam box, but I always empty that without look at the contents.

    Mr. Maple wrote: "No, instead mscollateraldage trots out her snide dictionary to prove her claims of superiority when she knew exactly what Mr Pham meant and said!"

    Actually, Mr. Viall used "isle" in HIS LETTER. Mr. Pham just repeated the misuse.

    Mr. Maple wrote: "You ever wonder why a "new comer" to this country might be a Conservative???"

    As far as I can tell, Mr. Pham is NOT a newcomer to this country. According to his profile here on the LNS, he appears to be about 50 years old, is an aerospace engineer and has been employed by a company in Stockton for 20 years.

    I love his favorite quote (from the LNS profile)

    "Life is hard, it's harder if you are stupid. Stupid should hurt; a lot."

    Not very charitable, if you ask me - making fun of "stupid" people.

  • Eric Barrow posted at 7:57 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1457

    Actually there are Democrats that don't approve of Obama Real Clear Politics polling has Obama with an aproval rating among Democrats at 88% with just under 10% disaproval. It just so happens these numbers are almost identical to where Georgie was with repubs at this point in his second term.

  • Mike Adams posted at 7:51 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1345

    This came from my cousin's wife who should know because although she never voted, she didn't like Lincoln.....

    Only conservatives would think this is a real letter about a real person and sent in by a republican. The learned among us would know that this style of lore is almost always the friend of a friend...(or some relative)....

    It should end, like Mr. Chang suggested....pass this on to a friend...

    And have you noticed, conservatives always seem to be miserable and hence want everyone else to be as well? They always seem to be pouting about something. The more minor, irrelevant, and having the least amount of impact on them, the more angry they seem to get.
    The brother of my brother's casual acquaintance who drives a cab said it was true and he should know because a lot of self important people pay money to ride in his cab from one point to another.

  • Eric Barrow posted at 7:25 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1457

    Funny it seems, from the last election results, that most of the "new comer"s to this country are Democrats and probably are because they work for a living it is the reason they came here after all.

  • Patrick W Maple posted at 6:37 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    Pat Maple Posts: 1805

    mrl...talk about chain letters...straight from the dem liberal presses. Obvious reasons...you are a dem who likes your paycheck to go to others? I will be by soon for my cut...I need your address..

    mrc...learn to be...

  • John Lucas posted at 6:34 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730

    The letter maybe authentic but Mr Viall's friend has not been a Democrat for at least 30 years. There are Democrats unhappy with the direction the party has taken in the last few years. We think the Party has shifted too far to the right. There really is nowhere an FDR kind of Democrat can lay his hat other than the current Democratic Party. We are trying to change it from the inside.

    The Republicans have a different problem. The right wing fanatics that run the Republican party now has driven what they call RINO's ( real Conservatives) out of the party. These people have no where to go also. Their party has gotten so out of touch with reality and scary that they too are voting Democratic. This is why the Democrats own the Senate and a black man was able to win the Presidency twice. Jerome people with your views should sing them to the rooftops. This will help the Democratic party and I am a Democrat.

  • Patrick W Maple posted at 6:25 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    Pat Maple Posts: 1805

    Again...trot out the phony outrage(ous) mrl msb mrc OH MY!!! No true dem could ever think such nonsense! Of course they offer no proof or reasons for their claims of a hoax or chain e-mail something easily tested. No, instead mscollateraldage trots out her snide dictionary to prove her claims of superiority when she knew exactly what Mr Pham meant and said! You ever wonder why a "new comer" to this country might be a Conservative??? Because HE works for a living Sponge...wait...so does Bob...sorry Sponge!

  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 4:25 am on Wed, Apr 3, 2013.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2324

    While everyone is certainly permitted to voice their opinion about this letter, calling it a hoax is rather audacious. Furthermore, if this might be a "chain e-mail" as one contributor suggests, wouldn't that be so very simple to fact check?

    No, I believe the letter and all that it contains to be authentic. Not all Democrats are satisfied with the direction of their party - to think otherwise would be extremely gullible.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 6:05 pm on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Right on, Mr. Chang!!!

  • Walter Chang posted at 5:29 pm on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    Walt Posts: 1079

    "From: Somebody Gullible...

    ...Blah Blah Blah...

    ...you won't hear about this in the media...

    ...this is not a hoax...

    ...God bless America...

    ...please pass this on to everyone you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  • Joanne Bobin posted at 12:59 pm on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    To Mr. Viall and Quan Pham: Didn't know politics had anything to do with "isles."

    This so-called "friend" of Mr. Viall's sounds more like a chain email than anything else.

    You would have to be a pretty radical/disallusioned Democrat to make ANY of these statements and still call yourself a Democrat.

    Personally, I think that this entire letter is a hoax that Mr. Viall is attempting to pull on the citizenry reading this newspaper.

  • Quan Pham posted at 11:45 am on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    qpham63 Posts: 31

    All our politicians are working only to be reelected, not to serve the people.[sad]

    That is on bothsides of the isles.

  • John Lucas posted at 11:22 am on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730

    Should have read:
    Mr Viall's friend voted for a Democrat was JFK.

  • John Lucas posted at 10:25 am on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730

    Sounds like the last time Mr Viall's voted for a Democrat was JFK. The Republicans always seem to say something about the Democrats that is really happening to them. The right wing fanatics who run the Republican Party have over and over gotten rid of the rino's( Republican in name only. Also known as Conservatives) and replaced them with out and out crazies. Richard Mourdock, Sharon Angle, Joe Walsh, Allen West, Paul Broun, Ted Cruz just to name a few. These fanatics deliberately killed any chance of winning the Senate by putting up candidates who were clearly in need of adult supervision. They would have lost the house also without the gerrymandering of the Republicans at the state level

    Please keep saying things like this.

    I bought into the self-loathing of the white race that came along with being a liberal.

    I used to get angry when hearing such insanely dumb statements for the obvious reasons. I now think you should sing it to the clouds. Let the real you show itself.

  • Larry Hamilton posted at 9:06 am on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    Larry Hamilton Posts: 52

    Pretty sure most Democrats are much more pleased than their Republicans brothers.

  • Jerry Bransom posted at 6:26 am on Tue, Apr 2, 2013.

    Jerry Bransom Posts: 363

    Well Said! It is time for a new political party, one that represents a government of the people and for the people. Currently both parties are power mad and cannot be trusted.

    It is shockingly true they have lost sight of the purpose of the original American government and become perverted in their positions from city councils and school boards right up to the president of the USA himself.

    I am surprised you did not mention how We the People had to bail out a bunch of Wall Street speculators. What part of that fiasco am I responsible for and why do I have to suffer the consequences?


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