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Not all Democrats are happy with their party

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Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 12:00 am

As a member of a loosely knit group of emailers who track the ongoing political arena, I recently posed a question to my associates concerning the public's declining approval of the Obama administration.

One of my friends responded with the bit below. When I asked for approval to air his response, he didn't hesitate to OK my request to do so. His response tells of a background somewhat like mine, but different; it seems that he has retained his allegiance to the party, but not to its present direction.

His reply is surprising since we have generally agreed that he was our group's most ardent contributor, but on the "left" side of the political isle:

"I grew up in a very Democrat, Irish family when being a Democrat meant you stood up for the little people — the blue-collar workers. That was before the party was hijacked by Marxists, socialists and environmental zealots.

"I followed that path and attended college, majoring in psychology and social work with a minor in race relations. I bought into the self-loathing of the white race that came along with being a liberal.

"After entering the work force (in the private sector, no less), I realized that the hippies of yesterday were the new totalitarians of today, who not only want to adhere to their beliefs — which they have every right to do — but want to cram their ideologies down my throat, too.

"Don't like that the Boy Scouts don't accept gays? Start a new group called LGBT Scouts. But no, they have to introduce legislation that will disallow tax credits for charitable donations to groups that do not allow gays.

"Don't want to have a gun? Don't, but don't take away my right to own one to protect my family.

"Want to ride a bike to work? Go ahead! But don't pass laws so absurd like AB32 and SB375 that will kick our status of living back to the Stone Age. Even the cofounder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, says the environmental movement is going to bankrupt the world. I have had enough!"

Makes one wonder if there's not a whole host of Democrats out there with the same mindset; perhaps to "sit it out" until the party is returned to them.

Richard Viall


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