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Letter: When do we say enough is enough?

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Posted: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 12:00 am

When John F. Kennedy was president, he planned to bring water from Alaska to California and as far as Texas to alleviate drought conditions in dry years. A system of pipelines was already drawn on maps. Of course, Kennedy died and so did the plan.

I believe Kennedy was our last true president. Even with the mistakes he made, he cared about making this a better country for everyone. Now, of course, we have Obama, who has turned our medical system upside-down, totally disregarded our immigration laws, and even gone so far as to release 68,000 illegal criminals back into the public for a “second chance.” They are already here illegally, and now they have committed burglary, theft, etc., and he is turning them loose. Plus ICE agents have been told to look the other way, also with the blessings of Holder, our chief law enforcement officer. Obama has ignored and lied about Benghazi where four true American heroes were sacrificed, and no one has been brought to justice for it.

Almost 50 percent of American households receive some sort of public assistance. Some need it, but it enslaves others to an almighty government instead of being encouraged to get a job. Obama has shut down the coal industry, has not given a go-ahead to Keystone, has backed several “green energy” plants with millions of taxpayer dollars that have gone under, and sent billions to foreign governments that hate us. It is long past time for true Americans to stand up and say enough is enough.

Sonia F. Glick


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