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Presdent Obama is taking America for a wild ride

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Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 12:00 am

I'm very disappointed in the president. But shame on me, I was fooled.

After the election in 2008, I believed that Barack Obama would grow into the presidency, that he would begin to change some of his world views and come to realize that "fairness" doesn't begin and end with himself and his cronies.

Obama says that he has the nation's best interests at heart, but if that were true, we wouldn't still be wallowing in a state of misery some four-plus years later.

It reminds me of the salesman who has only one car on his lot — call it BHO Motors. The car is a pretty car and he lets you sit inside while he explains all of the bells and whistles. But when you ask to take it out for a test drive, he just smiles and says the keys are missing but he'll have a new set by Tuesday. "But hey!" he says, "let's take a spin in the simulator, it's the same thing."

"OK," you say, but once you see the simulator you realize that it isn't anything like what was promised. "Hey mister," you say, "that thing looks like the spinning donkey on the Tilt-o-Whirl."

"No, no," the salesman replies, "it's everything I just promised and more. All you need is to get in and spin."

At that point half of us would make a beeline for the exit — but there's the other half. That's where we are as a nation today; half of us recognize that it's a spinning donkey and the other half is trusting a salesman who won't have the keys until Tuesday.

Anyway, some of us will always buy in, but when Tuesday comes, there are no keys, no car and the money is all gone — gone golfing in Florida maybe? There is one left behind, however: A sign with a smiling salesman that says, "The Republicans stole your car. Come back Tuesday. Free rides for everyone."

Yeah? Well, he who takes a whirl on the spinning donkey will find his lunch in his lap before he ever gets the keys to his new ride. Believe it!

Stan Taves


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