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Letter: Liberal policies damage our individual freedoms

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Posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 12:20 am

John Cooper recently submitted a letter expressing his feelings towards several issues and people, me being one. He stated that people like myself who have experienced economic damage and a bad health care system caused by Obama-“not”-care are simply whiners.

He also flippantly advised people like myself, who are concerned about the damage liberal policies and laws are having on the quality of life Americans have come to expect in years past, to leave America if we do not quietly accept it.

Obama-“not”-care was put into law, which resulted in dramatically increasing control, power and fear in our society. Americans needed health care reform but, unfortunately, greedy, selfish liberals like Obama and Nancy Pelosi, who seek power, took advantage of the situation and decided to participate in a power grab — completely contrary to individual freedom.

The fear — the IRS. Liberals made the IRS the centerpiece and fear factor to enforce the law. That is why the IRS hired thousands of new employees. The control? Over 100 federal agencies and bureaucracies were created by the Obama administration to oversee the private sector.

Clearly liberals like John Cooper have good intentions but haven’t the ability to comprehend the unintended consequences their policies inflict on individual freedoms. He perceives I am paranoid when in reality he is misguided. Obama promised to transform our country into one dominated by federal centralized government. He does have the ability and intelligence to succeed. He also has a following of supporters who have been dumbed down over the decades by a disgraceful public education system as well as a partial liberal society who desires a federal nanny. This is why conservatives are concerned.

Mr. Cooper’s attitude of wanting me and others to quietly accept the consequences of Obama-style liberalism is predictable, but to that I say, “Over my dead body.” Considering that John Cooper bravely served our country, and is a combat veteran who fought for our freedoms, it is disappointing and ironic that he supports liberal polices that damage what he fought for in years past.

Darrell Baumbach


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