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Registered Democrat looks for candidates with Christian-based social, pro-life values

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Posted: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 12:00 am

I'm responding to Karl Welsbacher's Sept. 23 letter triggered by someone stealing the Jerry McNerney campaign sign from his yard.

Mr. Welsbacher reminds us that we are free to vote and campaign for candidates of our choice and that we should be able to voice opinions even if someone disagrees with us. I agree with the first point and appreciate the opportunity, in this letter, to illustrate my concurrence with his second point by expressing my strong disagreement with Mr. Welsbacher's statements.

Lest anyone think I'm an "evil fascist right-winger," I've been a registered Democrat for 40 years. For the last 30, however, I've desperately searched for Democratic candidates who share my Christian-based social and pro-life values and limited government perspective, and who would appoint judges who would protect the unborn and the Constitution.

My areas of disagreement are three. One, Mr. Welsbacher is being dishonest when he states that George W. Bush "destroyed the American economy by encouraging American companies to move operations to Third World countries." Moving some company operations to countries like Mexico has been a trend that began well before the Bush administration or Republican-controlled Congress.

We can encourage technological advances and increased U.S. manufacturing jobs while providing jobs to people in these "Third World" countries so other North American families can have better lives, accomplishing both goals while being consistent with our Christian responsibility to help others.

Two, statements about former congressman Richard Pombo doing a "lot of questionable things with taxpayer dollars" are without merit. Mr. Welsbacher's gossip is inconsistent with Christian teachings.

Three, a Catholic should never support a candidate who votes contrary to the teachings of the church regarding pro-life issues. As a Catholic congressman, Mr. McNerney voted in conflict with the Catholic Church's teachings regarding the sanctity of human life for the unborn by voting incorrectly 100 percent of the time on seven key, pro-life issues facing Congress during its last two sessions (

Yes, Mr. Welsbacher, your candidate's campaign sign should be safe on your lawn. Unfortunately your candidate does not offer, in return, any measure of safety for the unborn.

Frank Wernette


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