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There are no state republics

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Posted: Monday, October 18, 2010 12:00 am

Pardon me, but on Sept. 22, "Letter displays intolerance ..." states, "secede from the Union and begin their own island country." I thought this point was understood already, because I probably wrote about this twice already.

Actually, there is an island country between Virginia and Maryland. The constitution allows it to occupy a 100 square miles, but Virginia took back some of its land grant and it is now occupies about 66 square miles. Or did they take back George Washington's donation? I don't know.

The union once contained states republics in it, but these were abandoned at the Civil War. The Civil War was not about slavery. The Civil War was federal government vs. sovereign state republics, and the states lost. Consequently, their lands were occupied militarily and corporations were formed, and new charters — uh "constitutions" — were drafted

The original constitution of the California republic, ratified before the Civil War in 1848-49, is now replaced with a new document called a "constitution," adopted approximately 1864-68(?). I believe that the state of California is a corporation and a subsidiary of United States. The de facto corporation likes to give notice, and they always need our consent because we are foreign. When we walk into an embassy of the United States (court), they sometimes display a military flag. They can't prosecute foreigners (that's us) unless we submit voluntarily.

Corporations offer us benefit-privileges and contracts, and they set up trusts, which we enter voluntarily. We see the military flag all the time, but most people never question. Sometimes, unknowingly, people who do not represent the military display the wrong flag because they like the decorations on it. The display of a flag of the United States is defined in Title 4 US Code § 3. It governs display of the flag within the District of Columbia, because this is the limit of U.S. jurisdiction. Moreover, it is a misdemeanor to attach any design, mark or figure to the flag, such as gold yarn and an eagle.

Daniel Hutchins


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