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Illegal immigrants are a drain on resources

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Posted: Friday, May 5, 2006 10:00 pm

At the risk of sounding like a racist bigot, I feel that I have to express my opinion concerning the displays May 1 concerning the plight of "illegal immigrants."

They are not "undocumented workers," as the liberal press and media would portray them. The are here illegally. That is a slap in the face to all of the immigrants who have come here and completed the necessary requirements to become legal citizens. It is interesting to note that they picked May 1 as the day of protest. I believe that has been historically a day of celebration in communist countries.

When our ancestors came here as immigrants, they did not come with their hands out expecting to be given all kinds of welfare. The help they wanted came as a result of their hard work and sacrifice. They did not have access to free medical care, free education, welfare payments, etc.

I recognize that the "illegals" contribute to our economy, but they are also a big drain on our resources. I have read that the drain is measured in the billions of dollars. They are supported by our politicians who are looking for future votes. All they care about is getting elected.

To protest the May 1 protest, I finally decided to buy a new car and take my wife shopping. After going to several stores that were open for business, we did our part to support the businesses that were open on that day. I do not intend to support businesses that were closed on that day for at least another 90 days. Those include Rancho San Miguel and its parent company Food 4 Less, along with other businesses or restaurants that decided to honor the "illegals." I hope that many others who agree with me will do the same.

I received an e-mail quoting Rush Limbaugh on immigration laws in Mexico. I will be glad to forward it to anyone who wants it.

Ron Slate


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